Delta Gamma raises money for Service for Sight during Anchor Splash

By on April 22, 2010

Members of Delta Gamma sorority held their annual “Anchor Splash” event in the Campus Recreation Center on Saturday.

Anchor Splash was one of a series of events hosted by Delta Gamma during Anchor Week. Other events included a “Most Beautiful Eyes” contest and a dunking booth.

“Anchor Splash is a philanthropy event created to raise money for Service for Sight, which helps those with visual impairments. All the proceeds raised through the week go to benefit this cause,” said Kassie Baumgardner, president of Delta Gamma.

The event, though orchestrated through Delta Gamma, was open to all fraternities, sororities and anyone wishing to participate. The Service for Sight program has been a major cause for Delta Gamma sororities across the country since the fifties.

According to Nikki Looney, former Vice-President of Foundation for Delta Gamma, the decision to support Service for Sight began with a single Delta Gamma member in the late 1930s.

“Ruth Billow, a Delta Gamma sister, instituted this program after she herself became visually impaired after a childhood accident,” said Looney.

Ever since then Delta Gamma has continued to raise awareness and money annually for this cause, in an as fun and effective environment as possible.

Anchor Splash included multiple water games, played by separate teams. These games included everything from unique swimming races, in which fraternity members waded through the water carrying precious Delta Gamma cargo, to synchronized swimming, in which each team performed their own water routine.

The walls of the pool area were decorated with elaborate signs all created by those participating in the event.

In addition to the games, students could choose to enjoy the event from the sidelines and relax in the adjacent hot tub or whirlpool, or practice their best back flip as the games commenced.

“Each team has a coach,” said Rachel Balzer. “They are there for encouragement and to cheer on the teams from the sidelines.”

However, the coaches were not the only cheerers on the pools sidelines. Over sixty individuals showed up to join, participate and rally around for this great cause.

Elizabeth Wesson, a swimmer for many years and member of AOPi, was eager to participate in the Service for Sight events this year.

“This is such a great cause to be a part of,” said Wesson.

Competing swimmer Brent Taylor shared her enthusiasm. Taylor’s team contributed 50 dollars to participate in the competition.

“It’s a great weeklong event,” Taylor said.  “Earlier this week they also had a dunking booth for “Dunk a DG.”

The fun sporting events are definitely a huge draw to raise awareness for this cause; however, Delta Gamma makes sure to inform observers about the seriousness of the issue.

Outside of the pool area where Anchor Splash was taking place were pamphlets aimed to educate those unfamiliar with proper eye precautions. These pamphlets outlined proper eye protection and basic tips for protecting your vision.

Last year’s event raised $3,000 and the sisters of Delta Gamma and participating members of Anchor Splash hope to raise even more this year. For more information or interest regarding participating or assisting in future Service for Sight or Delta Gamma events contact Kassie Baumgardner at To learn more about the history and mission of Service for Sight visit

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