Black Friday darkened by false advertising

By on November 29, 2010

After a successful Thanksgiving that reunited my family, I was more than ready for the highly-anticipated Black Friday and all its specials—or so I thought.

I had to work anyway, so I got up a few hours early to go to Wal-Mart because I needed some juice for the pot-luck at my work. As I was walking into the store I saw tons of people sitting down and all of the employees blocking off food aisles.

I had to dip and dodge to get to the juice section before I came to a halt because they had that blocked off too. I found this very inconvenient for people that just wanted groceries, and I thought it would have died down by then since Wal-Mart supposedly opened at 12 a.m.

I had to ask a manager if could I go under the ropes that blocked everything off, and he kindly let me in, but I got stuck in a smaller section and had to go through “forbidden” aisles just to get back to the check-out line.

As I crouched under another rope behind employees next to the registers, one of the women said loud and clear, “See that is what we don’t want!”

I didn’t turn around to comment but I was very offended because I could have sworn Wal-Mart sold more than just games and high tech equipment. I even saw one of my friends who told me he had been there since midnight but they still had everything blocked off.

It turns out they didn’t even have the $199.00 Xbox systems that they had advertised, infuriating hundreds of people who had waited in hope of something that was not there.

After Wal-Mart I went to the electronics section in Sears where I waited an hour just for them to tell me, “We have no Wii, PS3, or Xbox.” I was very angry and felt that Sears lied to me and its other loyal customers because those consoles were listed as door busters and specials ready to be sold in their ads.

To me, Black Friday was a huge disappointment because no one had anything in stock, even at my job. No one seemed to care that customers are loyal to things they set their hearts on, and I had to come back to Sears after work just to get the Xbox despite the fact that he told me they would be in on Tuesday.

I really don’t think I will visit Wal-Mart for Black Friday again, and I don’t think customers should get so excited about items stores make people think they have.

Stores only want customers to either buy other items when they find out the product they really wanted is not available or just wait until the item comes in.

I would rather order my gifts online on Cyber Monday than be disappointed and short-handed on a day that is looked at as the biggest shopping day of the year.



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