Students volunteer for biannual Into the Streets

By on March 2, 2011

Into the Streets takes hundreds of students and faculty all over in the Birmingham City area.
In March 5th, the biannual project will get participants go out to the streets and do various projects, such as painting and working with Human Society.
The aim is to Birmingham a better place for a day.
“Into the Streets is a day where the entire campus comes together to give back to the community. The goal is to expose students to volunteerism and to help students get involved on campus,” explained Danielle McDavid, the Into the Streets Committee Chair.
Previously, Into the Streets have been very successful in getting people together.
“Last semester, we had over 850 volunteers that came out and helped us better the Birmingham area for our Fall Into the Streets,” added McDavid.
This March, Into the Streets has a specific theme, “Mountain Climbing Them.”
“The theme this year is a mountain climbing them,” said McDavid.
“We wish to communicate to students at UAB that they are the ones ‘fit to serve the Birmingham area’ and wish to inspire more people to come out on March 5th,” added McDavid.
Spring semester participation is usually smaller than fall participation.
However, “since we had a record breaking 100 Site Leaders turn in applications this semester we are thinking this spring semester’s Into the Streets is going to be very successful,” added McDavid.
This spring Into the Streets provides students with various choices for volunteering locations.
There are 22 sites confirmed for Into the Streets and more planned for backup sites.
Some of participating sites  include: Alderidge gardens, Birmingham Zoo, Chateau Vestavia Assisted Living, Forest Hills Middle School, Med Mission, Oak Mountain Mission, Ronald McDonald House, Three Hots & a Cot, Turkey Creek Preserve, Vulcan Park, and West End Neighborhood.
Mira Patel, a freshman site leader, explains her decision of becoming a site leader and shares her thought on what volunteering means to her
“I participated in Into the Streets last semester and really enjoyed the experience. I wanted to take the experience one step further and join a greater volunteering community.”
“Volunteering is a great way for the student body to give back to the community and meet new people around school. It’s also a way for them to get more involved in extracurricular activities,” added Patel.
For more information, visit UAB Leadership and Service Council’s website.

Jeung Ho Ryu
Staff Writer

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