Parking amnesty is on the way

By on October 11, 2011

Get ready to be absolved. Next week the USGA will be sponsoring Parking Amnesty Day.

On Thursday, October 20 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., anyone who has received a UAB parking violation from September 5 – October 20 will be eligible to have their fines and penalties waived.

This action is in response to the limited parking available in and around UAB and numerous student complaints.

“I usually have a very hard time trying to find a parking space anywhere on campus, especially since I did not purchase a parking lot pass,” says Simone, a 22-year-old sophomore. “Parking Amnesty day is great for me because I can save money on some of my parking fees. I just wish they had it 2 or 3 times a year.”

As many students look forward to Parking Amnesty day as a way to combat the fees associated with limited parking, other students, such as Tonya are searching for other options.

Tonya, a freshman Business Administration major stated “Parking here at UAB is really tough and a lot of times, I simply can’t find a parking space in time for class. Parking Amnesty day is good because it will save people money on their parking violation fees but if we had more adequate parking, less tickets would be issued in the first place”.

Tonya’s sentiment is one that has been expressed by many students as they are faced with UAB’s parking epidemic.

A few weeks ago, the Kaleidoscope published a story featuring the general agreement among students on the need for better parking arrangements around campus.

In the article, it was expressed by the UAB Parking Authority that “There is enough parking on campus for students; it’s convenient parking that is not at a prime” André Davis, Interim Director of Parking and Transportation Services.

Davis explains that parking directly next to your destination can sometimes be a challenge, but actual parking spaces walking distances away are available.

BIrmingham’s Public transport and UAB
The parking epidemic is one that UAB does not hold alone.

The entire city of Birmingham is plagued by this issue.

With parking such a difficult challenge at times, many people are looking for other methods of arriving to Point B from Point A.

One popular method is public transportation.

The Birmingham Public Transportation System was struggling and scheduled to perform necessary layoffs and reductions in bus routes and services due to the flagellating economy, until a City Council Meeting reversed the layoffs and increased services by releasing unknown funds into the Public Transportation System.

The Birmingham City Council approved $10.8 Million to improve Birmingham’s mass transit service in fiscal 2012.

The action includes an additional $2.9 million for the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority that was not in the city’s current operating budget, according to the Birmingham News.

The additional $2.9 Million was the subject of controversy when the proposed transit improvements were first introduced.

Controversy aroused when the City Council did not approve of Mayor William Bell’s funding source.

These issues have been resolved as eight of the nine City Council Members voted to approve the funding, Councilwoman Lashunda Scales was absent.

The parking epidemic of looms over the heads and in the pockets of UAB’s parking violators, a boost in the City’s transit system can provide an alternate form of transportation for the UAB community. LaMarshon, a transfer student from Alabama A&M University offers a suggestion that could resolve both issues.

She states “UAB should have their own busses that service the UAB community.

That way, parking violations would go down and campus transportation would be independent of the Birmingham Transportation Authority.” Either way, there will be some significant changes to parking and transportation at UAB.

Paul Roberts

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