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By on November 16, 2011

Philos Moore shines on the guitar

His name is Philos Moore, but you could refer to him as Chris Suda. He’s a singer-songwriter, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Currently in a two piece instrumental band called Probably The Tornado with his best friend Michael Pocus, Philos decided it was time to try something different. In his own words, “I was listening to a Bob Dylan song called Only A Pawn In Their Game, and something just fired off in my brain.

“The emotion he threw at the microphone in that song blew my mind, and I wanted to do something like that.”

In the past year, he’s done his best to write a song everyday, taking inspiration from Woody Guthrie. Some songs are topical, most are personal, and the rest can’t quite be labeled as one thing or another. To describe his music way better than I can, here he is as Jams From The ‘Ham’s very first solo artist, Philos Moore.

The Artist: Philos Moore

Genre: Folk-punk/Alt-Country/Folk-Rock (This question is always hard to answer!)

Years playing: I’ve been writing for over a year now. I have written instrumental music since before I can remember though.

Instruments: I wrote my first song on my roommate’s guitar, which was an acoustic Harmony. It was his grandfather’s and I loved the sound of it. Up until last week I played a pawn shop gem which was a 1970’s Hohner Acoustic. Now I am the happy owner of a Tanglewood electric acoustic. It just sounds so pretty. I also have an array of mouth harps that help me out during songs. They also sound pretty.

Homebase: Birmingham, Alabama. My home.

Recordings: I have plenty of recordings up on my bandcamp site right now. I also keep plenty of CD-Rs along with me if anyone ever wants to hear them, free for all open ears. (see links below)

Noteworthy moments: Playing alongside Banditos (another fantastic Birmingham band) has always been up there for me. They are some of the most genuine people and each time I open for them or play my harmonica over a couple of their tunes I always have a hell of a time. And anytime my friends come out and see me play. I keep those moments very close to me.

Coolest accomplishment: I’d have to say my coolest accomplishment would be the video Joshua Shoemaker filmed of my song “Talkin’ Maybe Mayday Blues.” The thought of someone taking the time to make a video for a song of mine blew me away. It was such a fun process shooting it as well. We had a big get together one day in June at my house and had the best time I could have ever imagined.

Upcoming shows: I recently played a Halloween show at the Upsidedown Plaza with Banditos and The Dirty Lungs, but as of now I have nothing planned. Hopefully very soon though.

Websites/Links: www.pphilosmoore.bandcamp.com/

What do you think of the music scene in Birmingham? It’s something special. Very special. We have a rather large DIY scene that is so helpful for local and touring bands and so caring for the people who come out to shows. All of the venues around here have helped me and a thousand other kids and adults continue doing exactly what they love. Having shows almost every night of the week in the company of good people is something special.

Who inspires you? Bob Dylan, Ben Nichols, Woody Guthrie, Tom Gabel, Ian Williams, Efrim Menuck.

What is the future of your music? I would like to have a 7” out by this summer with a few new songs i’ve been writing recently. I would like to keep branching out in genres as well. I can’t seem to find myself holding onto one sound for too long.

Anything else? Throw your all into everything you do. Even if it seems a bit tedious at times it will be worth it. Hang in there, too.

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Britty Reese
Staff Writer

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