Sand Volleyball team claims first win in UAB’s history

By on March 14, 2012

Junior Sam Serley prepares to spike the ball during a match against Florida State, helped UAB in their victory over the Tulnae Grenn Wave. Katelyn Deans/Staff Photographer

“It was great to get the victory and a lot of fun today,” head coach Hal Messersmith said.

A great victory it was as it marks the first ever in program history.

The womens beach volleyball team travelled to Coconut Beach Volleyball Courts at the Dock of Slidell to take on the Tulane Green Wave. It was not only a victory for the Blazers but a clean sweep, getting their first win in dominate fashion.

“All our pairs played great today.  Alison (Woods) and Sam (Serley) dominated for the most part and all the girls had their moments.  Heather (Thomas) and Kirsten (Gallagher) struggled with serving in the first set, but bounced back nicely to win the next two,” Messersmith said.

Heather Thomas and Kirsten Gallagher were the only pair to even drop a set as the Blazers dominated the Tulane Green Wave as they even up their season record at 1-1.

“It was a new experience for us playing at different courts other than our own.  We were at the beach and there was some wind and it was a little cool and they had a different set up with the courts than we do,” said Messersmith.

The new experience paid dividends taking on a winless Tulane team, en route to a landmark win for the UAB program.

The Blazers hit the road again to take on Mercer in Macon, Georgia on March 21.

With one road victory behind them, the Green and Gold hope to continue their winning ways.

They return home on April 6, when they take on Tulane in a rematch. They will be attending two tournaments in the meantime: University of Charleston Sand Classic, and the UNF Tournament in Atlantic Beach.

Their season comes to an end in the AVCA Sand Volleyball Championships at the end of April.

Final Results:

No. 1: Sam Serley/Alison Woods (UAB) def. Cori Martone/Grace Weaver (TU), 21-11, 21-8

No. 2 Kirsten Gallagher/Heather Thomas (UAB) def. Nikki Osuna/Milema Dragovic (TU), 16-21, 21-13, 15-9

No. 3 Rachel Fairbanks/Kiriana Hirini (UAB) def. Anna Wruck/Lilly Wolfe (TU), 21-14, 21-18

No. 4 Kate Morrell/Ally Slaughter (UAB) def. Olivia Utt/Azarri Badawi (TU), 21-18, 21-10

No. 5 Becca Howard/Michele Simmons (UAB) def. Milica Jovic/Shefali Arora (TU), 21-14, 21-19

Order Of Finish: 4,5,2,1,3

Tripp Larsen
Sports Editor

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