Season 11 needs a strong shot to the arm

By on March 16, 2012

Another year, another pointless season of American Idol. This show is in its 11th season and still feels the need to be on our TV screens. When was the last time they produced a successful artist?

No one should even try to answer that, so let’s just move on. With Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler replacing Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, the show has only gone further down the hill it’s already been rolling on.

Every year the show’s ratings sink and yet they continue. Hopefully Ryan Seacrest makes it out before they ruin his credibility as a great host. Until then, there’s season 11. The contestants seem okay, but after hearing powerhouse voices on “The Voice” and star quality and talent on “X Factor,” it’s even harder to tell where these hopefuls might fit in.

This week female contestants took on the late and great Whitney Houston while male contestants took on the marvelous Stevie Wonder. Most of the ladies did okay and the guys did pretty well.

Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh were certainly the best of the girls. Sanchez delivered the classic “I Will Always Love You” with ease. They put that song in the right hands. Cavanagh had such control as she commanded Houston’s “All the Man That I Need.”

You would not expect such power to come from those little women, but they filled the night with the essence that Whitney put into her songs. The other girls were okay, but should be eliminated in the coming weeks except maybe Skylar Laine, and that’s only because she’s a typical country star.

She seems like she really wants to be the next Carrie Underwood but only time will tell.

The guys have a bit more potential but are in a similar predicament. DeAndre Brackensick and Colton Dixon are at the front of the guys’ pack. Brackensick gave a ‘sick’ rendition of Stevie‘s “Master Blaster.”

He was one of the few who seems like an entertainer, not just a singer. Dixon took on “Lately,” and it was everything it needed to be. His vocals were soft with a slight edge.

He has the potential to really go far in the competition.

Then there’s Phillip Phillips, who is good and could very possibly see the final two or three, but he has to be consistent.

Heejun Han has a beautiful voice but he could easily fall through the cracks. The rest of the guys will be eliminated, sorry.

Jeremy Rosado was eliminated this week, though Shannon Magrane should have been for her awful performance of “I Have Nothing.” Rosado has such an angelic voice and did a good job with “Ribbon in the Sky.”

You could tell he really felt what he was singing, but unfortunately he let his nerves knock him out of the competition. Mary J. Blige appeared on the show as a coach for the contestants and delivered a great performance of her song “Why.”

A.I. just doesn’t seem to be “it” anymore. The judging is too nice now. There aren’t really any big arguments for the drama aspect the show used to have.

Only time will tell; however, with “The Voice” catching up quickly in ratings and “X Factor” being on shaky ground, though arguably the best of the three.

The one thing each show has to prove is: can they produce successful artists? Each either hasn’t yet or hasn’t in several years.

Good luck to them all, but for now, catch American Idol on Fox at 7:00pm central on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Jamel Coles
Staff Writer

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  • Endri_3107

    X Factor is the show who can produce artists more, and has produced, even the UK X Factor has produced bigger stars in America than American Idol, Leona Lewis won the third X Factor in the U.K, now hugely popular 5 piece band called One Direction who debuted with a number 1 album this week were put together on The X Factor. Let’s face it, X Factor has it all, they have the big voices on the U.S version ( Melanie Amaro, Stacy Francis, Josh Craijick) who are better than the so called Voices on The Voice, they also are better than the voices Idol has produced in years, now what X Factor has is diversity, 2 finalists of The X Factor both signed record deals this year, and the thing is they sang Hip Hop/ Rap, it was Chris Rene and Astro, so you see here, only on the first season of The X Factor U.S, 8 acts were signed and we know that Idol alumnis in the past 4 years haven’t been 8 that have been signed. Now let’s talk about The Voice, it’s hypocrisy, the format is horrendous, yes they can find good voices, but they can’t find stars. Plus X Factor is so fresh, I love the performances, I love the staging, The Voice has some good chemistry between The Judges and they’re pretty good, I think X Factor next season will have better judges, they have 2 great ones, L.A Reid and Simon Cowell, now they need to great female singers.

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