Party like an Olympian; Tips for throwing an Olympic-themed party

By on July 24, 2012

Remember in 1996 when the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta and one of the soccer tournaments were held in Birmingham? That was the only year I truly cared about the Olympics. Not because they were being held in our city and I felt honored, but because I was one of a large group of kids who got to dance in the opening ceremony. For two weeks, I woke up early every morning to go to an all day camp to learn a dance routine. I still remember one move from this routine, and if you give me a soccer ball, I can dance it for you.

Since then, subsequent Olympic games have gone by in a blur of apathy, with a few viewings of opening ceremonies just so I could comment, “Yeah, that was nice. But mine was better!”

But for the folks out there who do enjoy the Olympics beyond their impressive opening ceremonies (yes, better than a bunch of kids dancing with soccer balls), I understand you may want to celebrate the games. So, why not have an Olympics viewing party? C’mon party throwers, you know you want to. I have come up with some cheap and easy to pull off ideas that anyone can do.

Olympic Ring Cake: This should be really easy to do. For an Olympic ring cake, all you need is a solid colored cake or pie in the flavor of your choice and a bag of M&M’s. Place the appropriately colored M&M’s in the shape of the Olympic rings on top of your cake or pie. Ideally, the dessert should be a color that will allow the rings to pop, like white. Alternately, if you are not a fan or cake or pie, you can buy a some plain, unglazed donuts and frost them using a glaze mixed with food coloring.

Yogurt Clip Medals: This is a cute little party favor inspired by an episode of The Office. You’ll need about thirty paper clips per medal, so buy enough clips to accommodate whoever will be wearing one. Chain together the paper clips to form a necklace. Then, carefully remove the lids to a few cups of Yoplait yogurts, making sure the lid stays in one piece. Fold the flap of the lid over a paperclip and tape it down to the underside of the lid. If you’re not crazy about paper clips around your neck, try using thin cotton yarn instead.

Pre-show Playlist: This may appeal to the music geek inside of some of you, so try making a playlist of songs to play before the opening ceremonies. The mix can be of songs and artists from all over the world to go along with Olympic themes, or perhaps a collection of cheesy montage songs to compliment the competitive nature of the games. If your a fan of British bands, try making a UK punk/English New Wave/Britpop hybrid of a playlist. This works too, since the games are in, where else, London this year.

Food Wishes: You may want some food at the party besides the sweets. My favorite recipe site ever is The recipes are shown entirely through video with extra details given in the post. You can search for recipes by categories to make finding things easier. For the Olympic party, you can choose simple appetizers to serve from different countries. Or you can stick to basics and still have yourself something delicious. For the non-cooks, there’s no shame in ordering some high quality pizza or picking up some Greek take out.

There you go, Olympian partiers. Expand upon the sources given to you and go forth!

Britty Reese
Staff Writer

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  • Eddie’s Mum

    Love the cake idea!…so simple but brilliant!!…will make a great centrepiece, thanks so much!…huge olympic size hug!! x

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