America has become too dependent on technology

By on August 17, 2012

After Christopher Columbus discovered North America, people worldwide became fixated on “The New World,” which later allowed people to start new beginnings and progress towards better opportunities. The United States has the best standard of living compared to other countries in the world with its accessible technologies and various education avenues. As America advances socially in the 21st century, Americans must weigh the awards and consequences of progress.

Within the 21st century, cell phones have become a “must have” because of their ability to gain access to email, Facebook, news, bank accounts and information with a tap on a screen or push of a button. Technology has made connecting with people easier, maintaining tasks simpler and obtaining knowledge faster.

Nonetheless, has this convenience made the nation too dependent on the advantages of technology? Despite its ease, technology has caused people to become so reliant that, in a poll by CNET, 28 percent of people said they wouldn’t be able to live without high-speed Internet. The younger generation has lost its curious nature to explore to world. Instead, children are hiding behind a TV screen or Xbox game. Many people my age don’t even know how to use a traditional can opener, search through the Yellow Pages to find doctors in the local area or look up information in libraries and encyclopedias. Though technology has allowed us to improve and modify traditional tasks, it has also clouded our realization of the dependency we have on it.

Since the fall of 1970, the pursuit of college education has increased from 8,581 students to 20,428 enrolled in the 2009 fall term. Education has developed into a network of many avenues that now allows the average American to obtain education easier. Higher education has branched out from the traditional university into online degrees, trade schools, and junior colleges. Obtaining a high school education has also advanced; high school students can take AP courses and high school drop outs can get a GED.

With the number of opportunities America provides to obtain an education, why is America ranked as average in the international education ratings? The number of options available has caused our country to have no ambition to excel. However, other countries have less options and freedoms, which may be the motivation that allows them to achieve higher education rankings than the U.S.
My generation tends to want to learn information only relevant to its own benefit. Many have even developed a mindset to pass courses with the lowest grade possible despite the C or even D letter grade. This outlook that passing with a low letter grade is acceptable contributes to America’s “average” ranking among other countries.

The military uses technology to monitor our nation against national threats and more, and education is needed to obtain a substantial salary. As such, technology and education are becoming the backbone of our country. As newer generations lack initiative to take academics seriously and fantasize about the newest and fastest technologies coming available, America will start to lack the spark of paradise that was once called “The New World.”

Mary Ann Sala

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    I’m just going to put this out there, I’m a “new generation” as you may say, and I don’t fantasize about technology, nor do most of the people in my classes, when we say Google has it all or robots will do it for us, we are just kidding, I agree people don’t take academics seriously, but saying America is going to loose the spark of the new world? haha no. America is a place to start over, and it always will be, thats what the term, “new world” means.

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