Time management: Essential for students

By on August 17, 2012

Time management is crucial while attending college. It’s all about prioritizing and making sure your daily needs are met before your wants. It can be difficult to differentiate between what’s really important during your time at UAB. Nonetheless, always remember to make sure your classwork tops anything that may take up your time. Be prepared for early morning study sessions or a quick cram before an exam.

In order to do so, you have to surround yourself with people who won’t distract you too much and pull you away from your dreams. If you have a job, I’ve found it easier to plan whatever work schedule you may have around your classes and plan anything extra accordingly. Better yet, find a job that conforms to your schedule, and never let a job become so overbearing that you fail to succeed in your classes. After having an effective system where you can schedule work around your classes, then you are ready to include time for your friends and tie in where you can rest or work more.

This being my third year in college, I can honestly say that the strong desire to be with friends all the time or have a super engaging social life will diminish. You will soon realize that school and having money are more important.

I have tons of friends, and they are just as busy as I am. Yet, we still make time for each other when we can without jeopardizing school, work or personal matters. For example, I am a full-time student, but I also have three jobs, friends and a boyfriend. We are equally busy, and I am 100 percent happy with where I am in college because I have found a unique balance between work and play due to efficient time management.

I’ve learned that you can make time for anything; if it means enough to you, you will make time for it. Don’t feel overwhelmed by people that are involved in everything or people that always have a busy schedule, like myself. You will find your niche, and you will discover the things that make you happy.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to be super involved to get closer to the career you want. You certainly don’t have to exhaust who you are just to always be busy. The best thing you can do while learning to manage your time effectively is discover what works for you, not anyone else. Always remember to put yourself first and follow your heart, because your heart will never lead you wrong.

NaBeela Washington
Staff Writer

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