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By on September 11, 2012

Bella Mina, a new Birmingham-based band will perform at Bottletree on September 22. Britty Reese

Birmingham’s Belle Mina, not to be confused with the incorporated community, didn’t have the most auspicious of starts.

Singer/guitarist Michelle Lott had the ambition and drummer Sarah Bridges shared the dream with Michelle. At the beginning, they had an off-tuned piano, a guitar tuned to the piano, no mics, and two songs. Patience was tried, but the girls of Belle Mina pulled through. Alyssa Hicks was brought in for her talent- including her piano-tuning abilities-on the keys, new songs were written, and nuisances were sorted out.

Today, Belle Mina is one of Birmingham’s strongest bands. Their sound is accessible without being bland or conventional, and it is electric yet features folk elements. One might notice that they are one of the few local acts consisting of all females. And while sex does not determine the quality of a person’s music, it is always nice to see women playing in this city’s musical sea of men.

Most recently, Belle Mina has been selected to open up for The Corin Tucker Band at The Bottletree on September 22. Be sure to check out this up-and-coming local band- along with the queen of vibrato- for yourselves and prepare to be impressed.

Someone once told me if Southern Gothic married Folk pop/punk, we’d be their baby.

Birmingham, AL.

We have two recordings, “Penitentiary” and “Trees” (one’s about the zombie apocalypse and one is about hating and loving someone at the same time…You’re welcome for this description).

Noteworthy moments:
Our favorite moment was when we went to Mobile to play at Blind Mule, and we thought we were so cool. We went to the beach the day of the show, got so sunburnt we could barely move, got lost on the way back…we thought we took a toll road when in reality it was the road to the ferry (i didn’t even know ferry’s existed in Alabama)…one girl had to pee in a cup sitting in the front seat because Sarah wouldn’t stop the car, got stuck in a Hot Air Balloon Festival, almost left Alyssa on the side of the road…We felt closer after that, like a REAL band on tour (when really we traveled four hours and only had one show).

Coolest accomplishment:
Getting to open up for Corin Tucker at Bottletree!

Upcoming shows:
The Bottletree, September 22nd.

Britty Reese
Senior Staff Writer

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    Wow, I’m impressed. Need to go see that band play!

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