Club sports receive university funding

By on October 31, 2012

Staying physically active and being involved on campus are two very important aspects of every student’s college career. By participating in club sports, one could be accomplishing both of these goals. Club sports are sports teams sponsored by student organizations on UAB’s campus; they compete like intramurals teams intercollegiately, but are very different.

Although club sports have existed at UAB for several years, this is the first year that they have received funding and been required to manage marketing to get more students involved. About $4500 worth of funding is given to the club sports, collectively.

“I think team sports prepare students for working toward a common goal by teaching them sportsmanship and how to work together as a team,” says Charles Judkins, director of club sports. Students compete against other teams on campus, as well as at other universities. Thirty percent of the team is comprised of people other than students: faculty, friends of students, and other members of the community could join a team if they wished to do so.

Right now we have twelve different club teams on campus. The teams include fishing, soccer, table tennis, outdoor tennis, akaido, triathlon, men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, rugby and competitive ballroom dancing. The department hopes to add more club teams such as cross fit, running, sand volleyball, and jujitsu as well as being open to suggestions.

“There’s really something for just about everyone, and we’re always open to new suggestions,” says Judkins.

To become involved in an already existing team, look on the competitive sports page on UAB’s website, and go to the list of club sports. If you want to start a new club, then email your idea to

Rachel Thorton

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