Hoops on the Haase-Phalt showcases basketball

By on October 23, 2012

“UAB offers an all-around good experience for college. Education and mixed together!” UAB student, Mary Frances Howell, reported from this past weekend’s Hoops on the Haasephalt event. The first ever Hoops on the Haasephalt event was definitely a success with an estimated 2,500 blazer fans! “Unbelievable turnout,” Athletic Director Brian Mackin said. “Proud of my staff and Jerod’s staff as well, the turnout of the students and the fans was very, very exciting. This was really a great event.”

Jordan Swing and Jekore Tyler competed in a dunk competition to help add to the festivities of the evining. Chase Cole/Staff Writer

Workers spent all day preparing for the event and building an outdoor basketball court on 14th Ave South next to Heritage Hall. They brought in two sets of bleachers for each end of the court. The mini park was filled with various types of fun actives such as free food, raffle tickets, a place to buy your season tickets for the 2012-2013 basketball season, and inflatables.

It started at 6 pm on Friday night with free food for the first 500 students from Full Moon Bar-B-Que. The first act of the evening was welcomed with cheers by the crowd as the sixth grade Good Hope Raiders red team took the court versus the white team. The Good Hope Raiders red team won their scrimmage 18-5. They were followed by the UAB cheerleaders who came out and tumbled. The UAB majorettes and Blazerettes gave a special performance for the crowd to give the cheerleaders a short intermission. It was not long before the cheerleaders came back out for more tumbling. After the cheerleaders’ appearance, the Golden Girls came out and danced their hearts out in dazzling green and white blazers.

Another UAB student Sydney Tew said, “I had a lot of fun. I think the university has stepped up making this geared toward all age groups and making it family friendly.”

The next act was the women’s basketball team introductions. Women’s head coach, Audra Smith, gave a very entertaining introduction of each player. The women’s team was followed by the introductions of former men’s blazer players that played for Coach Gene Bartow.

Coach Haase had some big shoes to fill in the entertainment world last night as he was introduced after the step show performances by the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity and the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, but he lived up to it. Coach Haase was introduced to the crowd and gave a few encouraging words. He then introduced the men’s team- with fireworks.

After Coach Haase introduced his team, he introduced the winner of the raffle drawing to shoot for $5,000 in tuition. It was a great shot from half court, but sadly no one went home with $5,000.
UAB student, Tara May, “It’s a good thing to get the community involved and introduce the teams and new coach to UAB. It’s a change that UAB needed!”

The Golden Girls returned to the center of the court to shake it one last time, but this time they brought some friends—the men’s basketball team. These guys learned a thing or two, but let’s just say they’re better off shooting hoops which they proved later in a slam dunk contest.

Dunking isn’t all they’re good at. One player from the women’s team and one player from the men’s team each had a partner from the student body. They we’re challenged head to head in a one minute three-point shoot-out competition. It was definitely a nail bitter after 3 rounds when they went into a tie breaker. The women’s team representative took it away and won by a landslide.

The guys looking for a little redemption from the crowd then entered a slam dunk contest. The Contest was judged by some great guest judges such as meteorologist James Span, The UAB women’s head coach Audra Smith, interim president Marchase, and Mindy Haase. The shoot-out was intense with finalists Jordan Swing and Jakore Tyler, but Tyler walked away with the winning title; Jordan Swing may never live it down.

The night ended on a positive note as Coach Haase gave a few closing remarks, “We will play hard, we’ll play together, and we will not back down to anyone.”

If you missed out this past weekend make sure you don’t miss the Tip-Off Spirit Luncheon on November 9th from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the UAB national alumni society house. There will be free food for everyone and free t-shirts for the first 400 students.

Taylor Suttle
Staff Writer

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