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By on October 16, 2012

Ever wonder if pricey organic goods are actually organic or if the radiation levels of your house are close to that of Chernobyl? Honestly, how safe is your environment and your food? A developing product, Lapka, will enter the market in late 2012 and will address all the issues facing the growing number of environmentally concerned consumers.


The innovators of Lapka have called this product a “personal environment monitor.” The Lapka integrates the iPhone with four sensors that plug directly into the headphone jack. The sensors report everything from radiation, humidity, temperature, electromagnetic field (EMF), to organicity. Organicity refers to how organic a product is. It is determined by whether the food was grown or produced without the use of hormones, drugs or synthetic chemicals but rather from fertilizers and natural ingredients derived from plants and animals.

Organicity is detected by use of a steel probe inserted into the food, which will determine concentrations of nitrate. Nitrate is commonly used in fertilizers associated with nonorganic foods. The EMF caused by different electronics and telecommunications can have harmful effects on the body. EMF moves unseen through cells in your body, mutating DNA, and potentially leading to the formation of cancer cells. Lapka will detect these unseen particles and will help you find areas less affected by these harmful environmental factors. Lastly, humidity and temperature detectors will help you determine your personal climate.

With the rising demand for environmentally conscious products like Lapka, integrity will be more easily kept within organic food production. Companies will have to anticipate that their customers will check up on them. The app that will accompany the Lapka device will have two modes. One mode will be basic and determine the acceptability of the different elements measured, while the other will be more advanced and will show graphs of electromagnetic fields or radiation. The goal of the app is to make the data reported from Lapka intelligible for scholars and lay people alike. Also, the app is intended to be personal. A daily journal of your environment will create statistics that lead to the development of your own personal comfort diary.

The expected price of Lapka is around $220 but well worth the expense for such an innovative device. The type of food we eat directly affects how healthy our body is and our lifestyle. While buying a bike may be your first instinct to lead a healthier life, Lapka will help you find the healthiest environments to ride said bike and what foods will be most beneficial to energize your body. Thus, the readings and data formed by Lapka are more directly influential to a healthy lifestyle.

Some may posit that this product will make everyone paranoid and cause mass hysteria. However, the truth is, we should be concerned about what type of environment we expose ourselves to and what kind of foods we put in our bodies. We hold the responsibility to take care of ourselves through the choices of where and what we’re exposed too. We can do so through the knowledge Lapka provides conveniently and compactly presented on our iPhones. Everyone should be health conscious and curious about their environment in order to make appropriate changes to better their health. And if this knowledge leads to mass hysteria then lets all be labeled as loons.

Catherine McCarty

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