New addition to UAB: Open house for faculty art studios

By on October 3, 2012

UAB welcomed the new addition of 10 art studios with an open house last Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m.

Walking through the entrance, visitors are taken through a long narrow hallway with several studios along the way on both sides. Along the walls and within each studio, the UAB art faculty showcases their individual works and styles.

“I think what I love the most are these giant windows, and then the fact, that’s in the downtown area,” Doug Barrett, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design. “There’s the kind of energy and vibe around here which is nice to work in.”

Before, the faculty only had their classroom studios as their work space, which is on the third floor of an older building. With a new personal research space, the art faculty can contribute more works and inspire the community.

“I want more events like this and see the community more involved,” said Christopher Lowther. “And with the open windows, people passing can see us work and see the process.”

There were many students who came out and supported the open house. Many students meandered around the studio and talked to the professors before heading out to the back for some free food.

“I like how they took an old building and revitalized it. I like how the teachers have their own space so they can collaborate with each other,” said Angela Outsuy, a senior. “It’s really awesome to have an art place in the middle of downtown and impact the surrounding area. Maybe it’ll inspire some people.”

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