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By on October 23, 2012

The Midnight Meltdown is Birmingham’s newest talk show, and is one of the few geared for college students and early twenty crowds.

The Midmight Meltdown is a show geared toward college students and airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights on 97.3 The Zone.

Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of spending my night with the awesome hosts of the Midnight Meltdown, Tim Melton, Aaron Daniel, and Jon Lunceford while they did their show live. Personally, I’m not a big fan of sports radio, but this isn’t your average sports talk show. These guys have created a show that is geared toward people our age and is entertaining. They take sports with a new style and mix it with pop culture.

After hearing about the show, of course, I wanted to know how it all started. All three of these guys started out as assistant producers at the station. Since they were all the young guys at the station, in their early twenties, they got together one day and started talking about sports. Jon is a big NHL fan while most people here in Alabama prefer college football, especially the University of Alabama and Auburn University. What these guys set out to do was offer a variety material for unique sports lovers like them. Their plan was to make a podcast and post it online; little did they know they would soon end up with their own radio show.

Tim shared with me, “We’re more surprised than anyone that this has been a success– pleasantly surprised!” They guys then shared with me that they have just sold their first sponsorship to Lighting Strikes, and they will hopefully be reporting from there with listeners in the future. The guys are really excited about the new sponsorship and find their number of listeners comforting.
What most people are looking for today is variety, not just home grown talk. The digital market has begun to greatly expand. Most news writers are having a hard time transitioning to twitter and other online media. These three guys are trying to do this for the radio business. While I was there a listener called in and let the guys know that he liked the show a lot and listened on his way to work.

Their show airs on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights from 9 pm to 12 am. Then a podcast of the show is posted on the website the next day around noon. On Tuesday nights, they talk with the sports editors of the University of Alabama’s school newspaper, as well as Auburn University’s. They also do a segment on Tuesdays about the worst uniforms of the weekend. I personally thought this segment was awesome. Everyone always notices the uniforms and they often talk about them, but this is truly entertaining!

On Wednesdays, they talk with UAB’s sports editor for the Kaleidoscope, Tripp Larsen. They also do a segment called “The Hot Seat” which gives listeners a chance to call in and challenge Aaron, the sports guru, to a trivia game. I had the privilege of participating as the lifeline for the trivia game; while I wasn’t much help, I had a ton of fun! “The Hot Seat” is a great way for the guys to do more than just sit around and talk to each other like you hear on 6 a.m. radio shows. It gives listeners a way to feel like they’re actually part of the show, which is what the guys want. Tim told me, “The thing we enjoy most is interacting with our listeners both young and old.” Aaron then followed up with the comment, “We want them to have their own voice and call in if they’d like.”

Another fun thing the guys do on the show is a personality profile. They picked six baseball managers and each of the guys picked an actor that could play the sports manager in a film. Most weeks they vote on the best choice, but this time I got to be the guest judge.

Talking to the guys before the show and John said, “We feel for our listener to be having fun- we have to be having fun.” They truly do have fun on the show and as a listener you can tell they’re enjoying themselves.

While in the studio, I stopped by to ask Jamie Boyd, the host of Jammin’ with Jamie on WZZK, what she thinks of the guys. Jamie has actually been a guest on the Midnight Meltdown a few times herself. She said, “What I love about them is they just do whatever they want to do- whatever’s timely or on topic. They’re similar to Rick and Bubba.” She then continued on to tell me, “They have a different approach. I like it a lot. They’re just starting out, and it’s really entertaining. They’re real go-getters!”

Next Wednesday, the guys are actually going to be airing their show live from the Atrox Factory in Leeds! While most people at Atrox will be enjoying the haunted house, John on the other hand won’t be going through Atrox—unless YOU like their Facebook page and get them to 1,000 likes! Also, listen for your name because they shout out their new likes on the show! But don’t just like their Facebook page—give them a chance! Go out and see them at Atrox Wednesday. Maybe the next time you’re sitting in the library during your four hour break checking out new YouTube videos, you can stop by their website and check out the newest podcast.

Taylor Suttle
Staff Writer

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