Recent illnesses emerge on campus

By on October 3, 2012

Many students have come down with a variety of illness over the past three weeks. According to the UAB Student Health Services, sore throats are the most common condition, and about half of those result in strep. 10-15 students have been diagnosed with a mild influenza and the same goes for viral upper respiratory infections.

Since students are living in close quarters, Student Health advises that students get their flu shots early. Statistics show that sicknesses spread faster on a college campus. Washing hands is still the best way to prevent the spread of disease.

“If you cough or sneeze, get a tissue and cover both your nose and mouth,” remarks Michael Faircloth, Director of Student Health. “Once your done throw it away. Most students try to save it for later and put it in their pocket. No! Throw it away.”

Though last year’s flu season was considered mild, health experts warn that this year’s influenza is unpredictable and the disease could take a serious toll on many Americans.

If students are feeling light-headed or have unusual body aches, then stay at home. Faircloth notes, “Unless it is completely necessary, don’t go out. If you do, wear a mask. It really does make a difference.” Most diseases are airborne and acquired by sick people still going about their daily life.

For any further information, go to the CDC website.

Carlene Robinson
Staff Writer

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