Basketball season for the haters

By on November 7, 2012

UAB is a basketball school. Sure, our teams are good at other sports, but basketball is what we are known for. The men’s team has been in the playoffs more than once. But there is so much more to UAB basketball season than just the sport. Even for those who don’t like the sport at all, the UAB basketball games are great experiences that need to be experienced at least once before graduation.

UAB School of Engineering

Basketball is not necessarily meant to be a contact sport, but who are we kidding? All sports are contact sports, intentional or not. In football, intense contact is expected. The men aim to tackle one another; that’s why they wear helmets. But basketball is different: no helmets, no padding, no grass. So on Saturday, when two players jump into the air, attempting to obtain a rebound, the two crash into one another and collapse onto the hardwood floor of Bartow Arena. The audience audibly gasps at the sound of colliding flesh-on-flesh preceding the imminent sound of flesh-on-floor. These moments are hard to watch, but we still watch. Even those most naïve to the sport of basketball grimace at these moments.

The UAB men’s basketball team had their first game last Saturday against the North Alabama Lions. Although technically it was an exhibition game, the audience’s excitement was tangible. Several band members donned unicorn heads between their sets, a new addition to already energetic and sometimes kooky band members. But hey, I like their enthusiasm. And during the (generally boring) Kiss Cam segment of the game, a student wearing a “I mustache you a question” tee shirt proposed to his girlfriend, who seemed more than shocked. She accepted excitedly to the roaring applause of the crowd.

Once the men’s basketball team hit eighty points, the students began to get excited, not because we were winning, but because Snoozy’s offers a discount when the point count gets high. At eighty points, Snoozy’s offers a 40% discount. And given that there was time left on the clock, the students began to hope for the unusual 50% discount at the one hundred-point mark.

This excitement lasted to the final buzzer, where the team was on the board at 98 points with thirty seconds left. Everyone chanted, “TWO MORE POINTS! TWO MORE POINTS!”

Sadly, the last-attempt-basket at the final buzzer was not realized, but the students were excited nonetheless for the double-digit victory over North Alabama. Note to the Lions: when the student
section is more concerned about a discount than winning the game itself, you need to rethink your strategy.

The first game of the actual season this Saturday afternoon. Even for those who don’t necessarily like basketball as a sport, the events themselves are full of electric energy from start to finish. And hey, if nothing else, students can look forward to discounts at Snoozy’s this winter as the team, hopefully, continues to make their school proud.

Mariah Gibson
Features Editor

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