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By on November 27, 2012

She’s always had anthems for the ladies, but this time, she wanted it to be clear who she made this album for. Keyshia Cole’s fifth studio album, “Woman to Woman,” is dedicated to the women that have supported her from the very beginning of her career. A noble effort after her last album, “Calling All Hearts,” failed to connect with many fans, Keyshia blames being pregnant and newly married for the cause of the album’s poor reception. She stated that even though she was in a good place, her fans were still looking to her for the heartbreak style music.

Cole's new album "tackle(s) the up and downs of love but also new subjects".

To ensure she reestablishes her spot in the business, she has a new reality show on BET called “Family First.” She had a reality show on BET previously that coincided with the releases of all her albums except the last one. Obviously trying to stick with a formula that works, Keyshia wants the success many R&B acts lack in recent years. She definitely put together an album worth that success but whether it will deliver in album sales is yet to be seen.

Released on Nov. 19, she’s up against Rihanna and Nicki Minaj but she’s not worried because the album could have easily been pushed up or back a week. The first single, “Enough of No Love,” featuring Lil Wayne, was easily an amazing come-back single. The video saw a new edgier Keyshia, with fashion, more sass and choreography. It was one of the best visuals she’s released in a while and definitely helped the already positive reception of the single. It peaked at number seven on Billboard’s R&B/Hip Hop chart.

The second single, “Trust and Believe,” is an instant classic. She performed it on Black Girls Rock last month and received her first standing ovation. Her live performance was impeccable, with soul, control and range. The video has also made a splash with a story-line that sees Keyshia busting a car window. It’s clear she’s not playing around with songs or visuals this time around. The title track, “Woman to Woman,” featuring Ashanti, is nice duet that depicts a more contemporary story line than one might expect. It’s about two women who are dating the same man but aren’t mad at each other and instead are having a heart-to-heart with lyrics like:  “Can we keep it real? I wanna know everything… Woman to woman I know he ain’t right.”

This record sees her not only tackle the ups and downs of love but also new subjects. “Get it Right” is a track that explains those special needs of a woman and how a guy has to come correct in all aspects of the relationship. “Wonderland” featuring song-writer, Elijah Blake, is another sensual record that plays coy while still sizzling with falsetto and smooth runs. She doesn’t stray too far though with tracks like “Stubborn.” It has great single potential because the beat is amazing but different for her. Though she sounds great on the song, because it’s a contemporary R&B song. its hard not to imagine how easy it would be for someone like Rihanna to get a hit out of a song like this. Hopefully if it’s released it will garner the same type of attention. She has a ballad on the album called “I Choose You,” that’s a piercing soulful track that brings the album together. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she chose this one as a single either. 

Keyshia certainly delivered on this record. Her core fans will be pleased and anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, will be intrigued. This is the album to get an R&B lover for Christmas this year. 

Jamel Coles
Staff Writer

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