Dating magic in the Magic City

By on November 7, 2012

When you think of romance, Paris may come to mind, but the Steel City has some great, local haunts that should make your bucket list of date spots. The whole stuffy dinner thing is getting a bit overdone, so spice up your love life with these ideas.

Instead of having a date night, have a date morning. Bring bagels and coffee and meet up at the movie theater to catch a flick.

Have a cook off. Go to the store together and pick out three ingredients you’re required to use in your dish, or dishes if you’re feeling really ambitious. Next, recruit some friends to be judges and allot yourself 30 minutes or so. The winner, as fairly judged by your friends gets to pick out the next date.

Go on a hotdog tasting around the ‘Ham. It sounds crazy, but there are tons of places with amazing dogs, and they really won’t break your bank. Be sure to check out Mike’s Hot Dogs in Homewood, G-Dogs in Hoover, and Gus’ Hot dogs downtown. As brilliant as a hot dog tour sounds, I can’t take full credit. This site lists all of the awesome places around Birmingham to grab the quintessential All-American staple:

Beer is becoming part of Birmingham’s culture, and naturally, we are welcoming it with open arms–and mouths. Avondale Brewery, Hop City, and Good People Brewing Co. are all awesome places to find your new favorite, local brew and try out ones with some crazy flavors like coffee oatmeal, and honeysuckle.

This one may seem kind of cliche, but there really is something romantic about standing on top of the Vulcan. You really can’t beat the panoramic views of our beautiful city, and at night, it’s breathtaking. You can see all of the beauty of Birmingham without the city buzz. Take your date up there as a quick detour after dinner; I promise it’ll be worth it.

For a date that both of you will love, take your guy to Slice to watch the next game. Even if you’re rooting for different teams, you’ll bond over crazy good pizza flavors such as braised pork, grilled peaches and Gouda cheese. You can’t scream at the referee when you have a mouth full of hot, cheesy pizza, so it’s really a win-win.

Jaime Ritter
Staff Writer

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