Democratic win in Election 2012 is not a coincidence

By on November 20, 2012

It is official: Barack Obama has been reelected as the 44th President of these United States. The scope of the election results is exciting and overwhelming. Its significance delves deeper than the mere reelection of a popular public official; perhaps what matters is the reelection of a set of progressive ideas. Progressive democrats like Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren were elected all over the country, while many right wing conservatives such as Illinois Representative Joe Walsh were booted out. Gay marriage initiatives were passed in Washington, Maryland, and Maine. It is now legal to own small amounts of marijuana in Colorado and Washington. Digging outside of the realm of social topics, exit polls show that most people support raising taxes on the wealthy instead of the middle class to help pay for the deficit. More women will be starting terms as U.S. Senators than at any point in history. 60 percent of all voters under the age of 32 supported the Democrats, as well as over half of all voters under the age of 65. All of these things, such as economic equality, gender equality, and gay rights, are strong points in the Democratic platform. They were also campaign ideas put forth by Barack Obama over the last several years. When a prodigious majority of Americans said yes to these ideas, they were also saying no, for the second time, to Bush and Reagan-era theology.

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Ironically for the Republican Party, who has earned the reputation of disliking the immigration of some minority groups, Republican journalists and consultants have been up in arms over their humiliating deficit of Hispanic conservatives. An astounding 73 percent of all Hispanic voters punched their ticket for President Obama, and that number is likely to go up. 50,000 new Hispanic voters come of age every year, so the potential for electoral embarrassment will only increase for the right wing. The Fox News crowd may hoot and holler over people they hatefully refer to as
“illegals” instead of humans, but they were inexplicably hopeful of getting the eligible Hispanic vote for their election goals.

Garnering significant portions of the Asian American vote was also a near-impossibility for the Right this election cycle with 76 percent voting for the Democratic party. According to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, 60 percent of Asians favor the President’s health care bill. Only 14 percent fall in line with Republicans on solely cutting spending to reduce the nation’s deficit, and 73 percent of U.S.-born Asian Americans support the accessible path towards citizenship put forth by the President’s Dream Act.

Adding insult to injury, the majority of females voted Democratic. Not just for the President, but for House and Senate races as well. Perhaps the proposed funding cuts to women’s health centers like Planned Parenthood and the latest round of Conservative rape jokes had something to do with it. Interestingly enough, although the important swing state of Ohio voted for President Obama and therefore his campaign promises of not cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, the state’s Republican legislature’s first order of business the week after the election was to proceed with cutting its funding!

The voting patterns of non-white Americans and females of every race in the 2012 Presidential election can be rightfully analyzed by one common thread: this is not a coincidence.

Supporting every Democratic platform idea by huge majorities is not a coincidence. All of these various ethnic and gender groups voting for the Democratic Party in two consecutive presidential elections is not a coincidence. Neither is the changing of American demographics, as this is what makes us a true melting pot of cultures. It has and always will be part of the rich history of our great country.

Brad Steffens

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  • Eman7890

    Of course the minority groups will vote Democratic. After all, every bill Obama pushes for helps reaches out for their vote in some way- our country’s wealthy are going to crumble under the chains of the masses, and soon everyone will be poor except the government. Just as Obama wants it.

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