Local brand on the rise: Art-felt appeal

By on November 27, 2012

UAB marketing student Ade Ogunbi and his friend Ronnie Moore Jr. are the creators of Art-felt Appeal, a new entrepreneurial apparel company that strives to connect the art community of Birmingham.

Art-flet Appeal

“The overall umbrella is art felt media, which is encompassing the emerging community and rooting local artists, and really celebrating those who have a creative spirit,” said Ogunbi. “When I first came into college, I wanted to form a commercial group, and since then, the idea has evolved into what it is today—a clothing line.”

Ogunbi actively started expanding the idea in January with Moore, Jr. and together, they took the idea into action in the summer of 2012 by introducing their new clothing line.

“We official launched in June with a professional photographer making photo shoots to promote the t-shirts we had at the time,” said Ogunbi.

“We’re not even a year into it and a lot of people have taken notice, especially through social media,” said Ogunbi. “We created a mascot named Romojii that attends events at UAB. He wears a robot head and walks around.”

Most of their promotion is through social media and word of mouth since Art-felt Appeal’s immediate goals are to create brand awareness and get their image out to the public. Through their mascot, they appeal to the public by posting humorous thoughts and statuses on their social media pages.

The latest partnership was with Artopia, an event exhibiting up-and-coming artists, where Art-felt created a banner for them and sold Art-felt Appeal t-shirts at Artopia’s annual event.

Art-felt Appeal

“Our next partnership that we’re doing is kind of a co-brand with Bluprint,” said Obunbi. “Bluprint is cooperating to create a shirt with us. “

Ogunbi and Moore Jr. hope to eventually expand Art-felt Appeal outside of Birmingham and throughout the Southeast. Until then, they plan to copyright their brand to protect their image, create a blog to record their progress, and continue spreading their brand in the Birmingham community.

“I want to be an influence on focusing on pursuing a dream,” said Ogunbi. “I’m doing that by making my dream come true with Art-felt Appeal.”

More information on Art-felt Appeal can be found at their official website at www.artfeltappeal.com and Facebook page.

Mary Jane Chen
News Editor

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