Local jazz inspires Birmingham

By on November 13, 2012

The small crowd at B.O.S.S. Ultra Lounge, lifted their lighters in the dim light as JazzMine Garfield filled the room with her voice.

“You’re too hard- headed to forgive,” she sang “and I’m too stubborn to forget.”

Mundo Youngblood/Contributing photographer

If there is one thing this young musician is too stubborn to forget about, it’s music.

“Music is pretty much a part of me,” said Garfield who has been singing since she was a little girl performing solos for the church choir.

One of the messages Garfield wishes to convey in her music is confidence in oneself: “Just being able to understand that, who you are is who you’re going to be, and no one else matters; that’s cool to me.”

It is Garfield’s goal to bring her love for music to the city of Birmingham in hopes of revitalizing the city’s appreciation for local talent.

“You have so many people, that are trying to innovate and build Birmingham up,” said Garfield. “But it takes the people for the city to change and move forward.”

Chris Sturdivant, known as Sturdy to the listeners of his Saturday morning show, expressed his confidence in the local artists, and advised them to “Find a way to promote their music. It’s all about promotion…95.7 puts a real big emphasis on the community, and we want the music coming out of the city to succeed,” which is why there is now an entire show dedicated to local artists from the state of Alabama.

The music directors of 95.7 JAMZ have dedicated a Sunday afternoon show, called Alabama Now, to the promotion of local artists. “It’s easier to get yourself out there here at home now… better than it is if you go to somewhere like Atlanta.”
Garfield left the stage to the sound of raucous applause and cheers. She accepted the praise for her music with a wide smile.

“I love the energy of the crowd,” she commented. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the music business.”

And, according to the volume of the crowd’s cheers, she’s one of their favorite parts of the music scene as well.

Erica Brock

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