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By on November 20, 2012

Mellow Mushroom has launched a unique social media campaign—“Follow us and we’ll follow you”— to capture the attention of their followers.

follow Mellow Mushroom for a chance to win free pizza. Daniel Twieg/Photo Editor

They use a strategy where if someone followed them on Facebook or Twitter, they will follow that individual back.

Facebook followers will be entered for a chance to win free pizza for a year and may receive a visit from the Mellow Mushroom mascots, Mel and Dude.

The gourmet pizza chain randomly posts humorous video clips of their mushroom-shaped mascot following unsuspecting fans. The creepy-yet-funny mushroom stalking is uploaded to the company’s YouTube account, and then linked to the Facebook page.

“We feel like we have a large level of engagement with fans. We follow about 50% of those who ‘like’ or follow us whereas other companies may follow 2-3% of their followers or even 20% if they have a strong following,” said Annica Kreider, VP of Brand Development for Home Grown Industries of GA, Inc.

Fitzgerald + Co., an Atlanta-based advertising agency that has worked with major corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Adult Swim, and Durex, is leading the campaign. Fitzgerald + Co. and Mellow Mushroom has worked together to fully integrate social media, PR, and digital and planning solutions while preserving the entertainment factor.

“We’ve had lot of people tweeting us, asking for Mel and Dude to follow them. A marketing class at the University of Texas at Austin even Tweeted that they betted we couldn’t follow them,” said Kreider. “We ended up following them to class and delivering pizza for the students.”

Mellow Mushroom has over 120 restaurants nationwide, one of which is located in Five Points near UAB on 20th Street.

The restaurant is “college kid friendly” with its ‘humble roots’ and affordable pizza. In fact, Mellow Mushroom was even founded by three college students in Atlanta.

“We’re located in a lot of college towns. The college student is definitely an important demographic for us,” said Kreider.

Mellow Mushroom prides itself for being the originators of classic southern pizza with a unique, flavorful crust. Additionally, the restaurant offers draft and bottled beer and has its own Beer Club where members can earn points by exploring their large selection of beer.

The gourmet pizza joint was born out of the 1970s hippy culture, as seen by their appreciation for music and art. The restaurant claims “mellow is a state of mind, a culture, a way of being” and has a mission to provide delicious food in a fun, creative environment.

“Our next campaign is the ‘Bake Bus’ where a food truck with a fully-functional kitchen travels across the country,” said Kreider. “The Bake Bus has recently established its own presence in social media and even has its own Facebook page.”

Kaylyn Alexander
Staff Writer

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