Open letter to the petitioners

By on November 20, 2012

Hello my fellow (not if you had it your way) Americans. Let us not be coy. I understand that you are no longer happy with the state of affairs of this great nation that gave birth to you, and you wish to make a new home of your own. This upsets me to no end. What could have possibly happened to make you want to split U.S. up like this? Don’t you remember what happened the last time?
Remember, that ended rather badly. 

MCT Campus

As it stands right now, the petition for the state of Texas to secede from the United States has reached 112,000, well above the required amount to be taken seriously. But then again, everything is bigger in Texas. I wonder if this will be true when it becomes it’s own country, one free of tyranny and social security? No Obama, no government, no infrastructure, no retirement benefits and sadly, no professional sports teams. Where is America in that? Do tell me, what is patriotic about this silly little petition of yours? What is American about that? 

I can’t help but find the irony in the fact that the first time a group of states tried to secede from the Union it was based largely around preserving slavery. Now, 152 years later, our first African American president is entering his second term while facing a purely symbolic, if not entirely imaginary movement of states seceding from the Union. I wonder if race has anything to do with it this time around? Maybe a little? I mean anyone watching the Republican National Convention a few short months ago had to have been thinking the same thing I was: Why is it nothing but old white dudes? Or like Michael Steele tweeted after neither he nor Herman Cain were invited to the convention which he referred to as a “Klan Rally.” I can’t help but notice most of the states with secession petitions being passed around like moonshine at a hoedown are, by a large majority, republican dominated states. 

I wonder, now, what happened to Whitman’s America? What kind of American ideals are we singing, if no longer for the mother, the boatman, the mason or the wood-cutter?

Perhaps the problem is that we can’t hear the singing anymore over this obtuse banshee screaming contest we call our political discourse… Have we all forgotten that we are so much more than two types of people–the reds and blues? Let us not be defined by these colors or obscured by the limitations they carry with them. We are Americans. Regardless of who we vote for or what deity we may or may not pray to or whether or not we smoke weed or what our stance on abortion is, we are still the same, you and I. So go, go if you want, but don’t think you can take any of my America with you. 

Cody Owens
Staff Writer

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  • Jacob

    It has nothing to do about a black president it’s. About the rights the government. Is taking away in the bills like the ndaa bill the ndrp bill the cover ups and that as soon as he got reelected hes on the phone with the u.n about taking guns away.

    • Cody Owens

      Was it a three-way phone call? I’m assuming it was seeing as though you are speaking about it with such certainty and conviction. How nice of him to include you in that discussion with the almighty “u.n”…Do tell: what was the outcome of this phone call with the U.N.? because as it stands I still have all my guns and have no plans of ever getting rid of them,

      • M. Mullins

        Cody you just do not understand. The government has been slowly taking our rights away over the past 60 years. People are constantly fed a line and the ignorant masses take it bending over. Where will our so called democracy be when we are all disarmed and helpless against a federal government who wants to micromanage our everyday lives? Also Jacob Writes the truth, almost directly after being elected again he jumped on the bandwagon to ban small arms. That itself is against our constitutional rights. Where is our freedom of speech when the T.V. media is constantly silenced concerning issues like these. The rest of the world has been seeing constant updates on these petitions, but where is ours? Our T.V. media is good enough to find these things out. The story would likely bring very good ratings, so explain to me why they are not showing it on national news? The petitions are not being used to secede from the United States it’s more likely a wake up call to the ignorant masses who have been turning a blind eye to the issues that have been going on. No one truly wants to secede we are just sick and tired of the federal government doing what they please with no one to speak out against it. We are not after a secession we are after a reformation of government.

        Signed M. Mullins

        I am behind these petitions 100%
        also I am a democrat not republican
        I also have quite a few black friends
        called me what you like but these are the facts.

        • Cody Owens

          First, I would like to thank both you and our mutual friend, the eloquent Jacob–whose beautifully crafted prose could pass for that of Nabokov–for taking the time to not only read my letter, but to then feel so moved, so touched, that you jumped at the chance to get involved with the conversation. Really, Thank You…Now that the pleasantries out of the way I would like to ask you a few questions for you M.–Is it safe to assume that by extended logic when you wrote “Jacob Writes the truth,” that both you and Jacob believe wholeheartedly that there is an omnipotent being named u.n who President Obama not only reports to, but phoned up “as soon as he got reelected” to start scheming at once all the diabolical ways they could dismember our constitutional right to bear arms? …And who then is spoon feeding the “ignorant masses” and “bending them over” if not for the “T.V. media” that you refer to with such regard? You know, there are alternative ways to gather information other than watching T.V. You want to see this being reported on by the “T.V. media”? Go look at Fox News, they are giving round-the-clock airtime to this secession movement that you long so desperately to see on the T.V. Fuck what’s happening in Palestine. Praise Allah that we still have the vanguards of relativity and truth over at Fox News keeping us tuned in to the shit that really matters…really then, just the fact that you read my letter to the petitioners is reason enough for us to rejoice M.! I have but one more question for you Mr. M.–and do try to answer honestly. I’ll even allow you to consult with your black friend (that you so desperately want me to believe that you have ) on this one–Do you honestly think this petition would’ve taken off the way it did–like tops and bras at Talladega– if Romney had been elected? Why or Why not?

          • Cody Owens

            Post Script: Please pardon the late night typos… I couldn’t bear to see Jacob carry that burden alone any longer…

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