Pro-life and pro-choice are misleading labels

By on November 7, 2012

We know the Republican Party as “Pro-Life” and we know the Democratic Party as “Pro-Choice”, but what do these two labels really mean? People mainly relate these two labels towards issues dealing with abortion. When it comes to this issue, it is a great divider of the people. My personal view on abortion can be seen as an obscure mixture of both labels. Being raised Catholic, I see abortion as wrong in certain situations, but in cases of rape or if the mother’s life is at risk, I think the pro-choice view should definitely come into play. In fairness, I do agree with “my body, my decision” for the case of women. However, I see abortion to be immoral if the mother is in no risk, not a rape victim or does not want a child. If none of these apply to her, then why doesn’t she just put the child up for adoption? I’m sure there are plenty of other couples that want the chance to raise a child. Obviously, this is where my pro-life side emerges.

Now I also have a bit of a problem with how people interpret the meaning of pro-life. I think that this label means that someone has respect for not just newborn life, but for all life. This label should also deal with issues with gun control, the environment, and helping those who can’t help themselves. I was reading an online article from The New York Times called “Why I Am Pro-Life” by Thomas L. Friedman and I agree with most of his views about the meaning of pro-life and pro-choice. He stated, “And there is no way that respect for the sanctity of life can mean we are obligated to protect every fertilized egg in a woman’s body, no matter how that egg got fertilized, but we are not obligated to protect every living person from being shot with a concealed automatic weapon.” This should shed light on recent events where shootings in our states have not been properly discussed in Presidential debates. If Romney is with a pro-life party, then where is his plan on gun control? In fact, both candidates gave no clear answer on any new national gun control laws.

The environment also plays an important role towards life. Some politicians call themselves pro-life when at the same, they try to go against the Environmental Protection Agency. Why would pro-life political figures go against an organization that helps protect our quality of life? However, Romney and Obama present good policies on clean energy. There’s an example of pro-life.

On a personal note though, I think everyone should consider the links between pro-life and pro-choice. I honestly believe that people can be so biased on their liberal or conservative beliefs that they can’t see how these two labels can mesh together. I think that these parties should let go of these labels. They seem to be a distraction towards issues that actually affect all life such as the environment and gun control. So what do you label yourself as?

J.C. Lentine

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  • Pro-Jesus

    I don’t label myself. I try not to label myself. Recently, I tried to figure out what Jesus would be–what he would say. He would be all for his creations living. However, we are given free will by our creator. He would let us make our own decisions. He probably wouldn’t label himself either.

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