Warming up the winter: How to properly dress for the cold

By on November 13, 2012

The little window of time when the weather was incredibly pleasant is now gone. Sure, there may be a few more beautiful days ahead, warm little flukes we’ll either miss due to being stuck inside; or maybe some of us will put on a pair of shorts for the last time in 2012 just for the sake of it. What matters is the now, and now is pretty bloody cold. With indoor heating we don’t have to worry about it too much, but there are times where people do have to be outside just for a while. Add a bit of wind and it can be downright brutal on walks to cars, classes in other buildings, or doing the hard work that is yard work. Of course as humans we know to instinctively cover ourselves up to protect our skin from the weather.

Layering is key to staying warm in the South. MCT Campus

Though, a lot of us are still cold despite the outer wear. Perhaps it is the layering tactics we apply, or lack thereof. Maybe the right articles of clothing aren’t being used. To battle the bitter chills, you need the right stuff to keep you warm. Here are some layering tips that will do the trick.

Layering is key to staying warm. It’s also awesome because if it gets too hot inside, you can just remove what’s on top. The most basic of layering (i.e. – a sweatshirt or hoodie pulled over your t-shirt) won’t exactly cut it all the time. You’ve got to add a bit more to the mix. To keep a warm torso, try wearing a thin, long sleeved shirt under regular t-shirts. The Gap and Old Navy should have plenty of these in stock right now. The material is made just for the purposes of layering and it will not be too bulky when paired with another garment. With this, you could also put on a hoodie, and if this final layer does not restrict your movement, put your coat on top.

A lot of you may feel fine on your upper half, but your lower half may not have the same results. Wearing thermal bottoms (also known as “long underwear”) under your pants will keep your legs nice and toasty. For those of you who wear skinny jeans, you can try wearing a pair of nylon panty hose beneath your pants. Sometimes silly girls may want to skip the pants and wear a skirt despite their best judgement. Lucky for them, there is such a thing as winter leggings! American Apparel has a colorful selection of such items, but if you are anti-American Apparel, winter leggings can be found elsewhere. Try shopping at the extensive OnlyLeggings.com and the wonderful Etsy.com for handmade wear.

A good coat will keep you going through the Winter (or late Autumn – “Autner” if you will). Wool peacoats are popular for both men and women and come in an assortment of colors and lengths. The longer peacoats will help out your a portion of your legs if you don’t want to wear anything under your jeans. A lined leather jacket may help for those of you who want an edgier look, but with a leather jacket, it is better to wear a hoodie underneath, especially if it is not lined with anything. Fleece jackets or vests also work very well in the cold and are super soft.

As for accessories, try buying (or knitting!) a scarf made from an animal fiber. Animal fibers are incredibly warm, that’s why they’re worn so much in the cooler seasons. Many clothing stores sell scarves this time of year, but if you want something more fun with a DIY touch, check the aforementioned Etsy.com. You may also try buying a pair of socks in an animal fiber such as wool, cashmere, or angora. Yes, it is a bit itchy, but a few washings in cool water should soften them up. Lastly, you’ll need a hat in, yes, an animal fiber! Now go bundle up and walk those few steps outside to your car!

Britty Reese
Senior Staff Writer

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