Rihanna ‘chooses to be happy’ in new album

By on December 4, 2012

“I choose to be happy.” These lyrics, from her number one hit, “Diamonds,”  seem to be the theme of Rihanna’s seventh studio album, “Unapologetic.” She has come a long away in the past seven years. Her music, style and love life have been at the forefront of the public eyes and while suffering hardships, she has become a household name. She opens up on this new album like never before. Having been the executive producer and co-writer for the majority of the album for the first time, Rihanna proved she is more than just someone’s gimmick. Released on Nov. 19, this one is Rihanna’s first U.S. number one album and she achieved her highest first week sales ever at two-hundred, thirty-eight thousand. With the number one album and song in the country, it’s safe to say Ms. Fenty won this time around. She said seven must be her and her loyal fan base’s lucky number. 

Rihanna's new album continues to impress. MCT Campus

The first single, “Diamonds” proves the singles queen can still top herself. The song is very different from any other song she’s done in the past, which made it a big risk for a single choice.

She said that “Umbrella” was her favorite song by herself but now it’s “Diamonds.” The video further showcases the brilliance of the song with beautiful imagery and raw undertones of emotion that exemplify exactly what the song is about. A second single hasn’t been chosen but she has plenty to choose from within the 14-track record. One song sure to be in the top spots for single treatment, “Loveeeeeee Song,” featuring Future is by far the best urban track on the album. The songs raw lyrics are easily relatable: “I don’t wanna give you the wrong impression, I need love and affection.” She performed the track “Stay” on Saturday Night Live recently. It features an artist named Mikky Ekko. She soared beyond everyone’s expectations with complete control, vulnerability and smooth vocals. 

Rihanna's first single from the new album, 'Diamonds,' has even become a personal favorite of hers. MCT Campus

Drake isn’t the only artist who borrowed from Ginuwine’s 90’s R&B collection to make a contemporary version. “Jump” is a electro-dance track that chorus borrows from Ginuwine’s “Pony.” It’s out of the ordinary and strangely enough, it works. “You took the best years of my life, I took the best years of your life. Felt like love struck me in the night, I prayed that love don’t strike twice,” she sings on the first half of “Love Without Tragedy,” then she sings: “Mother Mary I swear I wanna change. Mister Jesus I’d love to be queen but I’m from the left side of an island, never thought this many people would even know my name,” on the second half, “Mother Mary.” Rihanna really used her music as outlet of her emotions this time around. She really sparked people’s interest with a less emotional but more intimate track, “Nobody’s Business,” featuring none other than Chris Brown himself. The song has a very Michael Jackson style to it and is honestly a great single choice. “A life with you I want, I wonder can we become love’s persona,” Chris sings over the mid-tempo beat. The song of course has and will strike plenty of controversy but the album’s title sums up how Rihanna feels about that. She closes the deluxe version of the album with the ballad, “Half of Me” which really compiles what this album is all about; “You’re entitled to your own opinion. Sit and shake your head at my decision. I guess the kinda songs that I been singing, make it seem as if I’m always winning.” 

This is definitely her most lyrically driven album. Whether this is her best work yet can be left up to the fans but by the looks of the numbers alone, it is. She did truly deliver an amazing record that should only push Rihanna on to getting bigger and better. 

Jamel Coles
Staff Writer

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