Blazers stay perfect in C-USA

By on January 26, 2013

It takes true athletic talent to stay focused on not only on the court but also on campus. Freshman Chelsee Black proved that she can nab the baskets and the grades as she was named the C-USA student athlete of the week. Last week she assisted in a UCF and Houston take down, which brought about the current Women’s standing at 11-4.

Chelsee Black scored nine points in the 61-57 victory over UTEP this past Sunday. Kyle Thompson/ Staff Photographer

Chelsee Black scored nine points in the 61-57 victory over UTEP this past Sunday. Kyle Thompson/ Staff Photographer

Back at home, the Blazer Ladies were all fired up after taking away an intense victory from UCF the week before, and that flame carried over to fuel the defeat of their visitors for the evening, Houston.

The first four minutes looked very promising for UAB as they held the Cougars to a scoreless run, but with 12 lead changes back and forth, the Green and Gold were at a loss of 27-26 by the half.

At 10-2 with about 12 minutes on the clock, Houston grabbed the lead and kept it at 10-8 just a few minutes later. By the time the clock had ticked on, Black swooped down to save the day and knocked up a basket to take the lead at 19-16.
With ample time on the clock remaining for the half, the Cougars put away five more to their name so that by the time the buzzer sounded across the court, UAB was tailing.

The start of a new half meant a chance for a Blazer revival as the women took to the wood and Ashley Grimes threw up three of the four UAB baskets to take back the lead at 34-29.  The baton was handed back over to Houston, however, when the Cougars charged an 8-0 streak, giving them the 37-34 advantage with 11:35 on the clock.

UAB had taken enough at this point and decided to steal back the momentum. With a 30-12 differenced run that indeed put the Blazers back on top 54-46 for the comeback.

Black, who has a 3.62 GPA and an average of 6.5 points in both the UCF and Houston matches, alongside her teammates notched up the UAB C-USA record to 2-0 for the season. This seems to not be as challenging of a season so far, as every game puts them one step closer to the goal. Even so, after a televised throw down against UTEP in El Paso, the women will face their huge rival Memphis on Thursday. The lady Blazers will have their ability matched as they play against an 11-6 record for what is sure to be quite the court rumble.

David McCaw
Staff Writer

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