Celebrate diversity among student body

By on January 29, 2013

The UAB InterCulture Committee hosted the annual International Bazaar last Wednesday. This year the bazaar was bigger, better, and more informative than any before.

The UAB InterCulture Committee promotes understanding of the diverse student population at UAB through learning about their backgrounds. The International Bazaar is the perfect opportunity to embrace the variety of UAB’s student body.

Jui Paul, the Director of Programming of the InterCulture Organization, described the event as “a great time to see the enthusiasm of UAB students.”

Many students took time out of their busy schedules to represent their country such as answer questions, making posters, for the benefit of other students.

The InterCulture Organization stretched into the community and invited local high schools and middle schools to attend this event. More than 150 high school and middle school students toured the event, making the total number of people to attend to be around 550.

This year the bazaar outdid itself. It was bigger in size having it had over 60 cultural booths, several performances, and student organizations sponsoring it.

“This year we were also able to get a food exemption which allows us to bring authentic food from local restaurants to the bazaar each and every hour,” comments Paul. The bazaar served food from places such as Saigon Noodle House, Mr. Chen’s, and Macario’s Kabob and Grill.

This event will definitely stick around for years to come as the UAB student body becomes progressively more diverse.

Anjali Wagle

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