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By on January 10, 2013

Here is a selection of games that won't cut into your bank account to much. Wikimedia Commons

Although Winter break has just drawn to a close, the opening weeks of class will inevitably have the same lethargic feel as the holidays. So before the days of having three exams a week on top of papers due and routine studying, there will be ample time to devote to our true paramours – videogames. However, with our bank accounts depleted by holiday season shopping, there are scanty funds to devote to our lovers a.k.a videogames. So if you didn’t receive the game you wanted this holiday season, here are a few alternatives that are sure to please without breaking the bank.

Project Gotham Racing 4
For the racers out there, this title is sure to satisfy players who like an arcade racing feel and even some of the more hard core gamers. Although the physics engine is not on par with the recent Gran Turismo and Forza titles, it does not hinder gameplay as it is a balance between pure arcade racing and racing simulation. As a result, the racing feels like a fusion of the gameplay from the Need for Speed series and a Racing simulator. Gamers will be delighted to find that the physics are robust enough so that they will definitely be able to feel the momentum of the vehicles shift as they corner. Also, good racing technique will be rewarded.

However, there is also a system for rewarding driving with style which means that performing drifts, getting air and cornering on two wheels will be rewarded with the in-game currency of Kudos. As a result, players will find that there is not a lot of depth to upgrading each vehicle although there is a formidable list of them to choose from. Also making an appearance for the first time in the series are motorcycles which will surely add a great deal of variety to the series. If racing is your cup of tea, then pick this title up for Xbox 360.

Rockstar Games seriously created a masterpiece with this title, and since the game was released a few years ago, you should be able to purchase it either online or in stores for around $20. This open world game is wonderfully crafted and is sure to bring you plenty of fun for countless hours. In this game, you play as an illegal immigrant Niko Bellic who comes to the Liberty City for a fresh start; however, he gets involved with the organized crime in the city early on, and before he can cut off ties to the underbelly of the city, he is quickly swept up into the life of crime and corruption. The main story takes around thirty hours to complete which is an immense amount of content. When you finish the story, there are plenty of side missions to complete and endless hours of fun exploring the city and annoying the citizens and police department of the city. The game takes place in a wonderfully crafted environment which does a great job of making the player feel as if they are in a living breathing city. If you have not picked this game up already, you should definitely get it for either Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. If you already have the game, consider getting the expansions which are also incredible as either stand alone titles or add-ons to the main story.

Rainbow Six: Vegas or Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
This title was released in 2006, and was not a blockbuster, although there is a solid story and gameplay here because the shooter market is dominated by the Call of Duty and Halo franchises. Although any of the games in the Tom Clancy series are sure to provide plenty of amusement, these are wonderful in the way that the gripping stories quickly absorb the player into the gameplay. Because they are so old, they are going to be cheap buys, but that doesn’t mean that they will disappoint. On the contrary, these shooters are wonderful in the way that they combine both stealthy and assault style gunplay. In almost all scenarios, the player can choose whether or not to eliminate targets with silenced bursts of fire and remain undetected, or forgo the stealthy approach in favor of a volley of grenades. Furthermore, the campaigns can both be played with a friend locally which allows the player to approach each situation even more tactically. Although the core game mechanics are not very varied, the environments are. As a result, no two missions feel the same. If you have a penchant for tactical shooters, this is definitely a great buy for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
Although this title may seem a bit childish, there is definitely plenty of fun to be had here. This title witnesses the return of the antagonist, Gruntilda, who returns to challenge the protagonists. Before a fight ensues, the Lord of Gaming intervenes and creates a series of worlds and challenges that will decide the winner of the conflict. Fans of previous Banjo-Kazooie games that haven’t already picked up this game should seriously consider making this purchase. In this addition to the series, previous gameplay mechanics that focus on traditional 3D platformer elements aren’t present. Instead, the focus is on the construction of vehicles to perform a huge variety of tasks under a time limit which range from racing, to battling foes, to taxi missions. There is a huge amount of parts to choose from when assembling the vehicles which include but certainly are not limited to wheels, propellers, wings, and body panels. It is highly unlikely that players get bored with this title as there is a huge variety of mission types and vehicles that can be built in order to perform the tasks at hand.

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    Project Gotham Racing 4 – this game is very underrated i got this for $4 while nfs most wanted was 35 dollars. I loved this game…kinda miss it since I no longer have a xbox 360. Kicking cars and soundtracks in this game. Fun gameplay and enjoyable reply and plenty of contents.

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