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By on January 29, 2013

The University has updated its services to allow for online scheduling.

Students now can go to www.uab.edu/writingcenter and pick which time and which tutor they would like to meet with. This has made the scheduling process a lot more convenient for both the student and the tutor.

University Writing Center located in the Sterne Library.

University Writing Center located on the first floor of the Mervin H. Sterne Library.

Originally located near the English department, the University Writing Center moved to the back of the first floor of UAB’s Mervin H. Sterne Library after the renovations. This service has been in the library for about six years.

This program allows students to schedule appointments with the University Writing Center to look over research papers, English papers, or any essay-style papers.

Alex Brown, a Graduate assistant tutor, notes that she usually sees mostly English majors, but also has many history, social sciences, and psychology majors. “It’s really all over the board.”

Brown also has recently been asked to look over personal statements and other application essays as seniors are applying to graduate schools.

The University Writing Center offers this service free of charge to all UAB students, as well as to UAB alumni (for up to a year.) One appointment is about thirty minutes.

“If you get stuck on a topic and can’t think of what to write, I can help you brainstorm. Or, if you just need someone to review a final draft I can do that too,” comments Brown.

While the tutors do not edit the paper, they can help with every stage of the writing process.

The tutors are either graduate students in English or even adjunct faculty (usually the instructors of English 101 and 102).

The University Writing Center has many new resources that could be any student’s ticket to an A.

Anjali Wagle

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