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By on January 27, 2013

Last year, there was a plethora of new music. The year included new albums from Usher, Justin Beiber, Rihanna, the return of Brandy and of course the list goes on; 2013 is expected to be even bigger. From seasoned alums to a bunch of new comers, 2013 just might be one for the history books.

Justin Timberlake has not put out an album in six years. He recently released a video that expressed one main point, “I’m ready,” and it immediately went viral. Justin released his first single called “Suit and Tie” featuring Jay-Z on January 13. The song is on track to earn his biggest first week sells for a single. Long-time collaborator, Timbaland, produced the smooth mid-tempo track. Though it has been compared to Robin Thicke’s sound, JT is bringing a style of music that’s not being heard on mainstream radio right now. It’s refreshing and has a more mature sound that will keep many of his long-time supporters pleased. His third solo album is due out this year and will be titled “The 20/20 Experience.”

Then there’s Jay-Z’s wife, who GQ magazine is calling the #1 Hottest Woman of the 21st Century, and she is gearing up for a major comeback. Beyonce has so much going on, it’s amazing she made time to shoot the recent scandalous cover and spread for GQ magazine. The new mother has been hard at work on her 5th solo album and the wait is at fever-pitch for new music from her. She is headlining the Super bowl on Febuary 3rd and if her single is not out already, it is expected that she will debut new music there. She is also singing at President Obama’s inauguration on January 21. Beyonce also signed a very lucrative deal with Pepsi, who will be promoting her brand for this album. Pepsi is sponsoring the Grammy’s this year, which could mean that she’ll take the stage there as well. She has intimate documentary airing on HBO February 16. All in all, it looks like Beyonce’s team is looking to do a media blitz, and like Jay-Z said, “she about to sting, stand back!”

Elijah Blake is an up and coming Def Jam recording artist who you may not have heard of but has wrote music you probably have heard. He got his start on one of what many consider as Trey Songz best piece of works,“Jupiter Love,” from his third album “Ready.” He went on to co-write a mega hit for Usher called “Climax.“ He recently helped create Keyshia Cole’s hit, “Enough of no Love” and was featured on the album with the song “Wonderland.” He actually worked on a total of six tracks for her “Woman to Woman” album. He also recently wrote for Rihanna on her track, “No Love Allowed,” for her “Unapologetic” record. He released his first mix-tape/EP entitled “Bijoux 22,” at the end of last year. The eight track piece of work is very poetic and vivid. He has a unique sound and pleasing vocals that take you on a short and sweet journey into his life. Stand-out cuts like “Looking for Perfect” and “Everything” are beautiful examples of what this guy is capable of creating. His debut album is expected sometime this year. Elijah might just be the one to finally give Frank Ocean and Miguel some real competition.

Last, but certainly not least, Sevyn Streeter is a new solo artist who could potentially kill the game. If you have heard of her, it’s probably because she was a member of the girl group Rich Girl. The group had massive potential with each member possessing powerhouse vocals and looks to match. The group unfortunately just never really got their feet off the ground. Sevyn also was part of a group called TG4. The trio girl group was supposed to be the female B2K but they never got that far. Now Sevyn, who’s real name is Amber, has inked a deal with Arista and CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment). She has released her first single and video called “I Like It.”

The song is catchy yet meaningful and has a video that proves this girl is coming for that RandB thrown. She is already being compared to many female artists because of her stunning vocals and sexy swag. Sevyn actually has written for many artists like Alicia Keys, Brandy and of course Chris Brown. Her background vocals as well as lyrics can be experienced on many of Chris’s tracks from his last two albums. Sevyn says she is inspired by 90’s RandB so hopefully that shows up in the music. Her album is slated for this year and she say’s it will be heavily rooted in RandB with pop elements.

Jamel Coles

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