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By on January 22, 2013

UAB’s Health and Sciences Career Fair was held in the Hill University Center’s Great Hall on Monday, January 14.

It is never too early to begin the job search. Carlene Robinson/Staff Photographer

It is never too early to begin the job search. Carlene Robinson/Staff Photographer

The annual career fair, a product of the UAB Career and Professional Development Services, features companies willing to reach out to students interested in internships and/or post-graduation career positions in health professions, public health, and the sciences.

Numerous students took advantage of the opportunity to market their abilities. While many companies were open to recruiting potential interns, most were looking for students actively seeking eventual employment.

Lauren Cage, a nursing student in her last semester at UAB, said, “I’m about to graduate; now is the time I start looking for someplace to put it all to use!”

Another Biology senior said, “I’m attending this fair just because it seems like a good way to get out there and get an idea of where to go once I get the degree in hand.”

The career fair presented students with a diverse assortment of companies in attendance, including Brookwood Hospital, Healthsouth, Success EHS, Alacare Home Healthcare, and many others.

“We are just talking to students and drumming up that interest, letting them know that we’re out here,” said Eileen Foster from Alabama Power. “We just want to let students know that, outside of engineering, an area we typically do our recruiting, we are looking for many different majors to round out our team.”

Other companies, such as Aerotek, were eager to announce their search for various majors outside of the health and sciences.

Jarvis Sparks, a representative of the staffing company Aerotek and a recent UAB alumni, said, “We have several different divisions; we have scientific, we have aviation, environmental, commercial and we work with many companies. With that, we seek many different skills, degrees, people and so forth.”

Bryan Flores commented on things that would strengthen chances for gaining employment with UAB.

“Specifically for UAB, you want to definitely highlight your UAB experience. President Garrison had a very passionate attitude about us as an employment group looking at our students. So, you want to definitely highlight on your application, your cover letter, your resume, who you are as a UAB student/alumni.”

Sharonne Hayes

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