Rugby team poised to return to action

By on January 26, 2013

Seems as though there is a club at UAB for just about everything—including rugby. For those of you who do not know, rugby is a sport very similar to football that has been played since the 5th century. It is very popular in European countries, especially in the United Kingdom, but has also gained popularity and recognition throughout the entire world, including the United States.

Rugby popularity is growing world wide.  It will be one of the sports added to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  MCTCampus

Rugby popularity is growing world wide. It will be one of the sports added to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. MCTCampus

Rugby has many rules and loopholes for the rules, and it is sometimes referred to as “football without padding.” Rugby was banned in England for a while due to its violence and subsequent injuries. It sounds pretty intense, and now it’s offered right on our campus!

The rugby football club is just one of the many clubs on campus that is considered a club sport. Members in the club can meet-up to engage in athletic competitions, and even compete against other schools.

This spring, the club has 19 players on its roster, one of the largest numbers this club has seen in all its time at UAB.
They have big goals for this season as well, and have already begun practicing for this year. They practice three times a week: one practice is held on campus, and the other two are held at Ramsay Park, where they collaborate with The Vulcans, Birmingham’s men rugby club.

The season starts soon for the boys. As part of the Dixie Rugby League Collegiate Rugby Conference, they are faced teams from schools like Belmont, Bryan College and Sewanee. They will play Free-Hardman on January 26 at home. Then they will play Harding on February 2 in an away game. They will play against the University of North Alabama on February 9 at home. After these games, they will compete in a few friendly matches throughout the months of March and April. So far, they have just enjoyed a closer working relationship with the campus recreation center and the USGA.

Last spring, the UAB rugby club qualified for playoffs but had to forfeit this opportunity due to the loss of several players. However, the team has big goals to achieve in 2013, including winning and qualifying for the playoffs again this year. They hope to proceed further in the playoffs than just the preliminary competition. Pablo Sierra, an experienced player on the team, said he hoped that the club could “grow as a team and as a UAB club organization by gaining new members and becoming a bigger part of the UAB community.”

Right now the club is looking to recruit more members. They need people who are tough emotionally and physically and who are willing to work to improve their strengths and strategies, willing to work as a team, and desire healthy competition in an athletic atmosphere. If this sounds interesting to you, then join this club! It is open to both males and females and you just need to attend a practice or meeting to show your interest.

Rachel Thorton
Staff Writer

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