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By on January 30, 2013

The women’s rifle team is a sports team that our school does not hear about very often, but it’s definitely a team we should follow more closely from now on. This year, the team has almost finished their season, but has done exceptionally well in their performance for 2013.

Coach Lori Goodwin was a member of the inaugural team that started in 1992, and after she graduated, she took over as

Since then, she has seen many changes applied to the program. Each change has driven the team to be more successful in competitions, as well as achieve other goals throughout the years.

Rifle does not require extreme physical work and intensity, but it takes a lot of mental strength and preparation, as well as a strong concentration.

“Right now, the goal we are working towards is to have one or more of our shooters place in the rifle category.”

“The shooter must concentrate on each individual shot …and control their breathing and all movements to hit a target the size of a pin head that is 33 feet away,” explains Coach Goodwin. “…Sixty is [the number of shots that we shoot] per match… Needless to say, it takes great stamina and concentration for our sport.”

Rifle also requires a great amount of time that must be dedicated in team practice, and individual improvement and practice. Rifle team practice is held three nights a week for at least an hour and a half, and sometimes they practice longer than scheduled.

The team has been meeting since school started this semester. They have competed in two competitions, which is half of this season’s scheduled competitions. They fired in two competitions this past weekend on Friday at Murray State and Saturday at Tennessee-Martin.

The Rifle team will compete in the NRA Sectionals at the Citadel on February 16. In past competitions, they have played schools like Memphis, Ole Miss, Jacksonville State, and Columbus State.

“Right now, the goal we are working towards is to have one or more of our shooters place in the air rifle category,” says Coach Goodwin when asked about the team’s goals. “Last year we had a shooter place 2nd and receive a silver medal, so we would love to repeat that again!”

The UAB Women’s Rifle Team has only improved as the years move along. They will definitely continue to grow, improve, and prosper.

Rachel Thorton
Staff Writer

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