Black History Month

By on February 5, 2013


Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Madame CJ Walker, George Washington Carver and Fred Shuttlesworth.

The list could go on forever as America takes t his time to celebrate Black History Month.

With Martin Luther King Day just passing and a month dedicated to learning more about Black/African American history, Black Students Awareness Committee made their own awareness month. The events are all month long with numerous speakers, documentaries, and a tour of the 16th Street Baptist Church.

UAB has already partnered with the city of Birmingham for the 50 year celebration. Some of the events will be apart of this partnership.

UAB’s partnership with the city in the “50 Years Forward” initiative is intended to promote historical perseverance, celebrate racial and cultural diversity, and strengthen community involvement.

UAB’s Media and Public class is going to be doing documentaries of churches that were apart of the the Civil Rights movement, describing what life was like back then.

“The BSAC is committed to providing students the opportunity to learn about the events that are being hosted by the city of Birmingham because students need to share in the rich heritage of the city. Birmingham is truly a historic city that created tremendous controversy and adversity and came out as a strong arm through it all,” said Whitney Dumas, Chair of BSAC.

“Bomb”ingham has definately moved from its dark ages into a light.

This upcoming week, there is a lecture on how America needs to pass the torch of the Civil Rights Leaders. The Black Graduate Student Association is hosting the event this Thursday.

The following Wednesday there is a candlelight virgil service on the Green to commemorate those who fought for African American freedoms.

UAB is a part of many movements that will teach the new generation about the true history of Civil Rights.

Carlene Robinson
News Editor

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