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By on February 5, 2013

Elections are right around the corner for the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA).

Presidential candidates Andrew Hayes and Ben McCooey begin their campaign this week and the 2013-2014 USGA President will be determined by the runoff election.

Ben McCooey (left) and Andrew Hayes (right) are both presidential candidates for the USGA Spring election. Carlene Robinson/Staff Photographer

Ben McCooey (left) and Andrew Hayes (right) are both presidential candidates for the USGA Spring election. Carlene Robinson/Staff Photographer

USGA general election will be held February 19-20. The runoff election will be held February 26-27. Students may vote on BlazerNet by logging in with their Blazer ID. On-campus polls will be located in the Commons, HUC lobby, and BEC.

Current President Adrian Jones is not seeking re-election in order to focus on his personal life and career goals throughout his senior year at UAB.

“I’m also not running for a second term because I want to allow another student who has fresh, vibrant ideas to reach this position,” said Jones. ”I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve in this position, and making the decision not to run for re-election was a very tough decision.”

During Jones’ term, USGA hosted the fall concert and Halloween on the Green, and began the Social Blazers Rewards Program–all of which President Jones hopes to continue as a tradition. $5,000 was funded through the Andrew M. Sands Memorial Emergency Student Loan Program and $3,000 were awarded in travel grants under Jones’ term.

“For the remainder of my term, there are a few things I want to accomplish that will complete what I stated in my platform. ” said Jones.

Jones plans to carry out the following before the end of his term in May:
•Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement as one of the most diverse universities in the nation
•Attain more Greek support on campus
•Provide students with a better opportunity to be successful when they graduate by increasing the number of co-ops and internships upon students’ graduation
•Continue to support the on-campus transit system for students and advocate an on-campus stadium
•For UAB to “go mobile” with the new app, a mobile community for university student.

The 2013-2014 USGA Presidential Candidates.

Andrew Hayes is a junior studying political science at the university. He currently serves as USGA’s Attorney General and has served in the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches.

“My time in USGA has been one the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had at UAB. I feel that my experience is one thing that sets me apart because I have seen USGA from each and every perspective. Two and a half years ago I was just another wide-eyed Freshman asking questions and proposing ideas at the Student Forum. This year, I led the Forum. This race is the culmination of the great passion I’ve felt since I first laid foot on this campus to serve UAB’s student body and help it grow further as a premier institution,” said Hayes.

Hayes’ platform is based on the mission to refocus the student government and connect the undergraduate student body with UAB administration.

Hayes is a brother and Vice Archon of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Vice Chair for the College of Republicans, and a Trailblazer. Hayes has also served as Head of Public Relations for BlazeRadio, a USGA Senator-at-Large for Parking & Housing, and Finance Committee Chairman.

Candidate Ben McCooey is a sophomore studying health-related professions. He currently serves as a USGA Senator-at-Large for Athletics and Student Relations. In the past, Mccooey served on the first USGA Freshman Forum.

“I seek to make the USGA a governing entity that better serves the entire student populace by making the organization and its members immediately accessible to students so that their needs may be addressed in a manner that is more efficient and effective. This will be accomplished by means of enhanced communications between the student and the USGA member as well as significantly tougher enforcement on the productive accountability of Senators in terms of attendance and the creation of legislation,” said McCooey.

McCooey’s platform is based on USGA accessibility to the students and a focus on school spirit.

McCooey is a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity, member of the Global and Community Leadership Honors Program, and member of the College of Republicans.

McCooey’s past and current accomplishments in USGA include his co-authorship of the newly proposed USGA Constitution and his critical role in the development and implementation of the Social Blazers Rewards Program.

“UAB is quickly entering a new era as a leader among Alabama’s major centers of higher learning on many levels. This year, we are also welcoming a new University President who will likely have many new ideas as to how UAB will expand. Right now is the best time to be a student of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and if we all work together, we can lead this school toward its better and brighter future!” said McCooey.

Kaylyn Alexander
Staff Writer

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