Sony Announces PS4

By on February 26, 2013

PlayStation 4 was officially unveiled this past Wednesday by Sony giving way to new looks, new games, and increased prices. November 17, 2013 is the day for those waiting to get this next generation console, but don’t expect to get it for anywhere close to the price of PlayStation 3.

Sony has announced the next iteration of their flagship console, the PlayStation4.

Sony has announced the next iteration of their flagship console, the PlayStation4.

The new PlayStation 4 console will hold 8 gigabytes of memory in a built in hard drive. Along with playing games it will play DVD and Blue Ray just like its predecessor. The console will have an Ethernet input and Bluetooth for communication. It will also have USB, HDMI, AV, and Optical Digital outputs.

Although the look of the new console is not officially known, the controller design has been released to the public. Aside from the start and select button being replaced by buttons called share and options the button layout is mostly the same. The biggest change to the controller is a touchpad in the middle that allows for new types of interactive game play.

To continue with controllers new look there is a blue light bar that runs along the top rim of the controller. There is also a built-in speaker and a head set jack for multiple audio selections. The controller will also have Bluetooth-like the console.

Another accessory that was revealed is the interactive camera bar. It will hold two cameras with a 30 cm range and an 85 viewing angle. The camera bar will also have built in microphones and a cable connection directly to the console.

According to designers of the console PlayStation 4 will be much personal in that it will allow users to access all aspects of gaming through multiple consoles and handheld devices such as smart phones.

PlayStation 4 will also have a direct link to U Stream which is a live broadcasting of game play. Through this link to U Stream players will be able to show others around the world their game play in real time.

PlayStation 4 also creates room for people to be creative and design their own models, worlds, videos, or anything else you can think of. These creations are all recorded by PlayStation and stored by Sony for others to see and to better know the player.

From all of this it almost seems like PlayStation 4 will be a lot like Google in that everything you do is tracked and used to mold what you see when you access things. Although it may not be advertisements and local area searches Sony claims PlayStation 4 will remember what you do and how you do it.

With the PlayStation 4 coming in November which is the time of big new games it can be expected that new releases will accompany this new console. Some of the games include Destiny, Killzone Shadow Fall, and Watchdog.

Destiny which is a joint project of Bungie and Activision is a first person shooter based in the future. You play as the last defender of the last city on Earth and you fight to reclaim what humanity has lost. This seems almost like Bungies last game franchise Halo which features a single character who must fight against overwhelming odds to save the human race.

Watchdog is one that seems to stick out for its style of game play. You play as a man who has suffered a tragic accident through is crime life. Now that might seem so unique but what is unique is how you take revenge. The game is set in the future so it boast futuristic computer systems that control the entire city of Chicago and those computer systems are how you get revenge on those who hurt you.

There will be two different prices for the console depending which model you buy. The standard model will cost $429 and the premium console will be $529. The big reason for the different prices will be the amount of memory storage in each model of the console.

Even the standard version exceeds the prices of past consoles such as the Xbox 360 which was around $250 upon its release. Its prices are close to its predecessor PlayStation 3 but that console boasted a much bigger hard drive for roughly the same price as PlayStation 4.

All money aside PlayStation 4 will more than likely be the biggest change to the gaming world to date. Sony wants this new console to beat out the Wii U and the future Microsoft console the Xbox 720.

If you do not care about the high price and having your every move recorded then this console is for you. From the new graphics, touch sensitive controllers and enhanced interactive video PlayStation 4 brings new light to the gaming world.

Michael Newton

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