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By on March 12, 2013
Irish-themed Blazer Night was a great success among the students last Friday. Daniel Twieg/Photo Editor

Irish-themed Blazer Night was a great success among the students last Friday. Daniel Twieg/Photo Editor

UAB Blazer Nights, inspired by Saint Patrick’s Day, had a full turnout at the Blazer Hall RLC on Friday.

A scavenger hunt, painting, and karaoke were offered to the students that spent the weekend on campus. For those who wanted to have a more relaxing time, there were also board games throughout the ground floor, such as Apples to Apples and Ultimate Outburst. Blazer Night offered an authentic dinner featuring fettuccini pasta with spinach, chicken, and plenty of free candy for everyone to eat.

S.O.B.E.R. was also at the event that night providing alternative drinks for everyone. Shots of jello and mocktails were served to the students. S.O.B.E.R has been doing a week of alternative ideas and activities for students for the upcoming spring break.

“This week has been about showing people the fun they can have without drinking alcohol,” said Amber Dixon a member of S.O.B.E.R.

Painting was one of the larger activities that night which was divided into three sections. There were two sessions of art lessons from 7–8 p.m. and from 9–10 p.m. Free art allowed people to paint by themselves from 8–9 p.m.

Graphic Design major Nabeela Washington said, “This is my first time doing things like this. I feel like it gives me more experience for the future. Art to me is an exploration opportunity for individuals.”

Nabeela Washington worked the art room that night. She led the art lessons for fellow students and came up with plenty of ideas for everyone. There was painting on paper and painting on ballons. Nabeela also gave handouts that talked more about art from different perspectives.

The scavenger hunt began promptly at 8 p.m and took students all over campus looking for random things, such as parking meter 7617, a recumbent bike, a bird and much more. Members of the team had to take a picture with each item on the list.

They were given two hours to find as many items as possible. Each item had different point values with the total points adding up to 45 and an additional one point for every five minutes they were early. The items and locations on the list were determined by the Blazer Nights committee.
There were multiple teams that competed in the event, but only one came out on top with an overwhelming lead. The team comprised of Viet Huynh, Joseph Shryock, and Heather Moore managed to find all the items and come back with over an hour to spare giving them a total of 58 points.

“We couldn’t figure out what building two was on campus, so we called a friend to look it up for us,” said Heather Moore a member of the winning team and Trail Blazers on campus.

The most popular event of the evening was Karaoke. It was located in the upstairs portion of the RLC which is normally a study area but it was far from that Friday night.

“I believe in a past life I was a singer and I don’t get embarrassed easily,” said Amber Dixon. She sang more than anyone else this past Friday performing almost every other song for the first two hours.

Several students did not sing that evening, but watched with big smiles and loud laughs. Students commented that they enjoyed this spectacle as well as many others put on by the Blazer Night Staff.

Michael Newton
Staff Writer

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