How to reduce the number of abortions

By on March 5, 2013

America was founded on a lot of principles, and one of the most controversial, as well as the most enlightened, of those principles was the separation of church and state. However, this line between church and state blurs when we hit the topic of abortion.


Years ago, in the twentieth century, the Supreme Court decided in the case of Roe vs. Wade that abortions are protected under the constitution; yet, women who choose to abort are stigmatized against. It seems that religious bias against abortion is superseding the law of the land, which completely goes against one of the cornerstones of our country.

In the entire state of Mississippi, there is only one abortion clinic left standing, and it might have to shut down soon. If this happens, women in Mississippi will have no choice but to go out of the state and spend more time and more money to get an abortion. This is completely unfair for those women.

Alabama currently has five of these clinics, which are also being threatened by Alabama’s recent bill, the Women’s Health and Safety Act. The act claims to be for safety and health, but it mostly just seems like a list of superfluous requirements that were made with the intention of eradicating the few clinics left in Alabama.

Starting this past Tuesday, a group of pro-life activists began a 40-day long protest outside of the Planned Parenthood in Birmingham. I don’t think they realize the damage that they might be causing. The young women and teenage girls that they claim are defying God are in one of the toughest situations anyone could be in. They are making a choice that very few can empathize with, so who are we to judge them? The last thing they need is to be confronted about their already heavy decision outside the doors of the place they are going to seek help.

What amazes me most about this is that Alabama, particularly Birmingham, was a paramount of the Civil Rights Movement. However, women in this once progressive city are still being forced into submission by law. The fact remains that it is a woman’s body, her choice and nobody else’s. We cannot dictate the lives of others, and we certainly have no right to make our own beliefs and bias laws for others to submit to. I wish we lived in a world where abortion was never necessary, but that isn’t the case. We do live in America, though, and that means that these women have a constitutional right that needs to be protected and honored by their fellow citizens.

Maybe instead of focusing on ending abortion, we should focus on ending the factors that lead to it such as rape, poverty, or the lack of sexual health education. Because, in reality, the only way we are going to reduce the number of abortions is by going after its root causes, not the women, the clinics, or the doctors. We can’t take away their constitutional right; however, we can help prevent the circumstances.

Danielle Langone

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