Letter to Editor: Reflection on study abroad experience

By on March 26, 2013

Three months away from Argentina, I find myself more and more motivated to become a world traveler. My desire is to become an international English teacher. I want to share my love of learning new languages to everyone, whether be it Mandarin, Fuzhou dialect, Spanish, English, or the little Japanese that I know. My Argentina study away helped me find this passion. Thus, I am once again writing this article to encourage active minds at UAB to join the international journey.

I will soon become a repeat offender, as Puerto Rico is calling my name. Honestly, there are financial concerns, but I am managing them, and, most importantly, I am still a believer. Being motivated as ever before, I work and look for opportunities that will help make my trip a reality.

How did I make it a reality, one might ask? I have two part-time jobs that I budget to my savings. Throughout the course of planning, I also searched and applied to endless scholarships as possible aids. Though there are some failures, there are also definitely some successful ventures. I didn’t give up because there is always a way.

After Puerto Rico, I will be traveling to Japan and Taiwan for the remaining summer. These trips are another journey for self-discovery. Believing that immersion in different cultures will help one acquire many unforeseen benefits of education, an international education, I will embark on this journey to seek various teaching methods in each culture. 

Qili Huang

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