LGBT should be changed to GSD

By on March 26, 2013

All matters related to the gay community are grouped under the acronym LGBT, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Recently, there has been a proposal to change this popularized word shortening to GSD, which stands for gender and sexual diversities. I, for one, am for this change due to the more tasteful way the new acronym is phrased.

The subculture name LGBT has a taboo attached to it, and approaching it with a more appropriate, less shocking name might be a way to have more conservative countries and people slowly begin to come to terms with issues surrounding gay rights. If the name is easier to say by people, than it will easier to bring up in a conversation, which opens up the door for topics in regards homosexuality. This is essential for places like the middle east or Africa who would have a hard time discussing this topic with the just the word choice and their seemingly negative connotations and denotations.

Words like lesbian and gay are trigger words for these regions of the world. By taking these hot button terms and replacing them with more accepted words with good connotations like “gender” and “diversity,” these conservatively religious nations might have their citizens talking about it a little more.

If the homosexual community wants to have their cause spread and accepted, then a name change might be in their favor. This change-up could earn them more respect and acceptance in the end, and isn’t that their goal? This euphemism of sorts also includes more people into the mix, like asexuals, swingers and etc., which is beneficial to LGBT community since they are all about keeping things as open and accepting as possible. If their name is more inclusive, it will add to their cause and more people will feel accepted. As a result, it will help more people understand issues surrounding sexuality and further open the door towards equal rights.

Although some members of the gay community may like the exclusivity of the name, it is essential to remember that there are others out there who are just as confused as they are in terms of sexuality and their tastes. It is also key to remember that in the end, it is a positive reception and deference that they strive for and they must do all they can in order to continue rolling in the right direction.

So far the gay community has done well in their efforts by having some sort of protection for same sex couples in 13 states and gay marriage accepted in eleven countries. By switching their name from the LGBT community to the GSD community, the LGBT community will continue to allow their cause to be one step further in the right direction.

Nicole Rodriguez

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