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By on April 24, 2013

On April 12, Facebook launched what was supposed to be a game-changing app, Facebook Home.



Facebook announced the HTC First which would come installed with the app and that the app would also replace the home screen on Samsung Galaxy SIII, S4, Note II and the HTC One and One-X. Home is an overlay of the basic android home screen, like Samsung’s touch wiz (the interface on SIII, S4, etc.)

When a user turns on his/her screen, a slide show of information will appear from the news feed. Pictures, statuses, links, etc. will be able to be viewed by sliding the screen like viewing pictures from the gallery.

Any notifications will show over the news feed slide and can be clicked individually and take the user to the main Facebook app. If the notification does not need to remain on the screen, then the user can swipe each individual notification to a side of the phone and it will disappear and be counted as seen on Facebook.

The feature that Facebook thinks will attract the most people is Homes integration with its messaging service. From the home screen, a user can click on the bubble with their profile picture, and move it over the “messenger” bubble to start the messenger app. Then the user can use that app normally.

Since Home was released, there has been 100,000-500,000 downloads from the play store, Google’s “app store” and the rating for it is two out of five stars, due to a high percentage of one-star ratings.

Currently there are no plans for any other operating system, Apple keeps their systems uniform and it is speculated that Apple would not allow any app to replace it’s home screen and all Windows 8 phones come with similar features to the app.

Jermichael Buckhannon
Staff Writer

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