Justin Bieber’s ignorance sheds light on his ego

By on April 26, 2013

Like many, I was never a fan of Justin Bieber, but I did not really dislike him either. Sure, his music is terrible at best, but there was really nothing against his person. And who am I to argue with the fact that he still somehow managed to rope in the heart of countless tween girls across the world?

My opinion took its first real turn when Bieber decided to meet the Prime Minister of Canada while wearing overalls. He met the head of an entire nation, who himself is impeccably suited, and Bieber decide to show up in a white t-shirt, overalls, and a backwards cap? At least put on a pair of real pants, and take that hat off! I could only surmise two reasons for Bieber’s clothing choice – either that Bieber is so ignorant as to not understand the importance of meeting the PM, or that he is so full of himself to think that he is above the PM.

In light of his visit to the Anne Frank museum, it is not hard to see that Bieber is more than a little bit too full of himself. In the visitor log, he writes: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a ‘belieber.’”

Wait, what? Come again? Anne Frank, a “belieber”? Bieber visits the memorial and tribute to the suffering, tribulations, and courage of the persecuted of the Holocaust, and all that goes on in his head is a hope that he may have had fans before even he was born? This is no less than desecration of the sanctity of memory of Anne Frank and all those who perished in the Holocaust.

Bieber’s ego is astounding. Just listen to the tone of his remarks. Who is he to call Anne Frank a “great girl”? It sounds as if he were a wise elder, weathered by decades of trials and travels that has garnered him knowledge, looking back into the past and reminiscing about the passing of brave heart. It sounds as if that Bieber truly thinks that he is in a position to offer commentary upon history, as if the world looks to him as an authoritative judge of human character.

Perhaps one can attempt to excuse him for being young and unlearned. But, in light of his ego, can one do that? Youth and ignorance are no reasons for arrogance; rather, with youth and ignorance should come humility (yes, I am being quite hypocritical – I am only 20). Just because you are idolized mindlessly by millions of tween girls does not mean that you are somehow great.

All that fame has gone to his head. Justin Bieber would do well to perhaps take a break to examine his attitude and his image. Maybe then he can see himself as just another 19-year old, an insignificant speck in the course of history with much, much to learn. And Anne Frank a “belieber”? If she lived today, I am sure that she would have much better music tastes.

Tianjiao Zhang
Staff Writer

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