Research conference prepares students for EXPO

By on April 3, 2013

The 90th annual Alabama Academy of Science annual research conference was held March 20-22 at Samford University. Students from all over Alabama traveled to Birmingham to present their research findings from the previous year.

Students prepare for UAB Expo by presenting at ogher events. Nic/Flikr

Students prepare for UAB Expo by presenting at ogher events. Nic/Flikr

Many students from UAB were involved in presenting, directing, and judging at the annual meeting. Junior Zac Ingram helped to start up the poster competition side of the annual meeting for undergraduate students and now helps direct the activities for high school students participating in the conference.

Previously, the meeting had been exclusively for high school students involved in research in fields ranging from the natural sciences to engineering. However, it has opened up to undergraduate level students, also.

Several UAB students participated in the poster competition took away awards, including Ameen Barghi who placed second in the biological sciences section.

To many students, the poster competition served as a nice precursor to the multitude of presentations looming in the upcoming month, including the UAB EXPO and the University of Alabama Systems Honors Collegiate Conference.

Each of these events strives to promote undergraduate research, an activity that contributes significantly to the ability of students to think analytically.

Bliss Chang
Staff Writer

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