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By on April 24, 2013

On April 15, runners from across the world gathered in Boston to recreate Pheidippides’s famous flight from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to deliver a message which resulted in his death. Although this ancient soldier lost his life in doing so, the heroism seen that day is astounding. The events of April 15 were eerily reminiscent of the original Marathon. The race was punctuated by pain and death, this time on America’s soil, and the sadness of the event was only slightly mitigated by the immense heroism seen that day.

The Theta Chi's organized and hosted an event to raise money for the people and families that were affected by the Boston bombing. Alex Monteon /Contributor

The Theta Chi’s organized and hosted an event to raise money for the people and families that were affected by the Boston bombing. Alex Monteon /Contributor

As many speculated whether or not the events of the attack were foreign or domestic and what the political and legal backlash of the time would be, relatively few people decided to help instead. The effects of the blasts were surely felt here at UAB, probably not to the extent of one of our very own fraternities. According to Theta Chi member and Historian Alex Monteon, “Our oldest chapter of Theta Chi is at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and we have another chapter very close by to Boston.” Since they have such close ties in the neighborhood of the bombing location, the UAB chapter of the Theta Chi fraternity immediately set about creating a fundraiser. Their mission was to aid those that were directly affected by the two blasts that rocked the New England city.

According to Alex, their brother’s near the city were fine, but there were still many other who were hurt or killed in the incident. Alex says, “We contacted Trak Shak with our idea, and they decided to help us by donating a $150 dollar gift card and a few shirts to raffle off.” The fraternity was able to organize the event, and host a fundraising event on the campus Green last Thursday April 18. In order to make sure that the money that was raised would go to those affected by the bombing, the Theta Chi’s made arrangements with the Red Cross to ensure that the money went to the people and the families who were affected that day.

Altough the Theta Chi’s are geographically separated from the incident in Boston, their thoughts and prayers are with those who were hurt or otherwise affected by the bombing. Through the Theta Chi’s efforts, over $300 were raised. Although that fundraising event is officially over, the Theta Chis would be glad to accept donations. In order to do so, get in touch with Theta Chi philanthropy chair Albert Kruer at

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