Kelly Rowland: Talks a good, “Good Game”

By on June 26, 2013

After airing all her dirty laundry, Kelly Rowland finds herself opening up like never before on her fourth solo album, “Talk a Good Game.” This record picks up right where her last two albums left off and will leave fans more in love with Kelly, the artist and person, than they have ever been.

It combines the lyrical depth of her sophomore album, “Ms. Kelly,” and the sassy honesty of her third album, “Here I Am.” “Talk a Good Game” is a true R&B record, full of emotion but still smooth and sensual to the core. Artistically, this is Kelly’s best album to date.

Kelly-Rowland-Take-a-Good-Game-2013-1500x1500After being in the industry for more than a decade, people may still wonder who Rowland is musically and personally, but that debate ended on June 18. With the release of her second single, “Dirty Laundry,” people find themselves instantly connected to Kelly. The single covers a decade of the Destiny’s Child members’ life.

She finally opens up on her relationship with former group member Beyonce: “Went our separate ways, but I was happy she was killing it / Bittersweet, she was up, I was down / No lie, I feel good for her, but what do I do now?” These lyrics only crack the surface of this emotional song.

She goes on to reveal details of an abusive relationship with an ex-boyfriend. “I was battered / He hittin’ the window like it was me, until it shattered,” she sings over the track produced by The-Dream.

Rowland and Beyonce have remained close, and even made new music for Kelly‘s album. Technically it’s not a Destiny’s Child reunion, but instead a track featuring Beyonce and Michelle Williams called “You Changed.”

They brought back so much sass and soul for this song. All the ladies showed so much growth on the track and it is likely to be a fan favorite.

She has another winner on her hands with “Gone,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, which is rumored to be the album’s next single.

The album covers much of what people go through in relationships, especially the title track, “Talk a Good Game,” featuring Kevin Cossom. “If love / is free / and talk / is cheap, / don›t make me pay for all your mistakes boy,” Kelly sings.

Kevin gives the guy’s perspective with lines like, “If the motive›s all wrong, heartaches what you bound to get.”

She soars solo on tracks like “This is Love,” which she describes as a song that “just feels like you’re falling in love.” “Put Your Name on It,” is an amazing deluxe track that allows Kelly to fully embrace the power of her stellar voice.

This album really is not complete without the deluxe tracks. Counting the two bonus tracks on the Target only version of the album, there are five deluxe tracks in all. From the previously released “#1” to the Pharrell feature “Feet to the Fire,” they all are must-haves.

She performed standout cut “Street Life” featuring Pusha T on Good Morning America during her release week. Kelly delivered vocally on stage like never before. She clearly has been hard at work after just completing her “Lights Out” tour with The-Dream.

Now Rowland is on the road with X-Factor USA as a judge for their third season, which will air this fall.

Jamel Coles
Staff Writer

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