Why there isn’t a straight pride parade?

By on June 28, 2013

Every year, scattered around the month of June, the dull and traffic cluttered streets around the world clear to make room for a rainbow, literally, in honor of the fun, yet meaningful gay pride parades, marches, and festivals.

With all the increasing fame and huge number of gay pride events, it has left many to wonder why there isn’t a straight pride month filled to the brim with events, festivals, marches, and parades.

While it is slightly ironic that the LGBT community strives for equality of all people, the answer is simple and understandable as to why there aren’t events celebrating heterosexuality as well as homosexuality.

While heterosexuality has been a long time celebrated and accepted tradition of thousands of years for humanity, homosexuality has been one of secrecy, rejection, embarrassment and unlawfulness for much of history.

It is simple to understand why the heterosexual community has not had festivals donned in their honor—simply because they have never had to fight as hard as homosexual community does in order to love one another.

There has never been a single law, piece of paperwork, major religion, or major hate group spurning the straight community in history. But these are just some of the obstacles the LGBT community has had to deal with in the past.

CNN writer and Journalist of the Year for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association, LZ Granderson says that “the day being straight becomes a crime—as being gay still is in many parts of the world – start (a straight pride parade).”

I think the day a straight pride parade should be created is the day children in school are outcast and bullied for being straight, the day teenagers are not allowed to bring a date of the opposite sex to prom, the day teenage boys get kicked out of their homes for bringing their girlfriends home to meet their parents (and vice versa), the day that heterosexual marriage is against the law, and the day that someone is killed for heterosexual acts.

These vibrant gay pride events celebrate the strides the LGBT community has taken throughout these many years, and how they continue to move forward in social, lawful and political arenas. Even self-acceptance in regards to all matters of homosexuality is an issue.

Until the straight community has had to fight as hard for the right to love who they want as consistently as the LGBT community has, there truly is no right for the straight community to have an event that celebrates their “pride” for heterosexuality.

Nicole Rodriguez

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  • Orchid79

    Can straight people not take pride in their sexuality as well? In their traditional values? Seems hypocritical that straights should not exhibit their pride as well, after all, isn’t it equality that everyone strives for?

    • Nicole Rodriguez

      We all are striving for equality, but unfortunately we are still not all on equal footing, because gay marriage has not been legalized. The day both homosexual and heterosexual couples can equally marry legally, is the same day heterosexuality can and should be celebrated as well.

  • ginger

    i understand what is being said here, but the straight community is starting to have to fight for their rights to freedom of speech and the sanctuary of a Holy union between a man and woman, they want us to tolerate all they have to say and how they act and want things but they are being prejudice of the rights and freedoms and beliefs of others and are trying to make everyone feel and think as they do…

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