Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri : The More than Deserving New Face of America

By on September 23, 2013

While people around the twitter sphere were sending hateful and racist comments during the crowning of Miss America 2014, I was cheering and replaying that elaborate and fun Bollywood routine in my head, completely unaware of the ignorance that was blooming around me. Being a student at the 4th ranked diverse university in the nation, I had no idea what was about to unfold all because of the color of the skin below that perfect pageant hair and sparkling symbolic crown.

Because Miss America 2014, Miss New York Nina Davuluri, is an Indian American, she also gained a few other titles like “Miss Terrorist,” “Miss Arab,” “Miss India,” “Miss Al Quaeda,” and the most unimaginative “Miss 7/11.” These completely unintelligent and ignorant comments make no sense when looking at the facts.

India is not an Arabic speaking nation of terrorism in the slightest nor is a hub for the terrorist group Al Quaeda. Just because these nations in the Middle East and Asia are close together does mean that we need to combine them and allow them to be represented by just the negative influences that have originated there. Every nation has a combination of both positive and negative influences. Although Americans like to think we are a mostly positive nation, clearly there are some negative aspects as well with the immediate negativity and racism American’s felt the need to share publicly in response to the Miss America 2014 results.

One of the biggest arguments against Miss Davuluri’s new title is that it is completely “un-American” for her to have it; however, I would argue that America’s immediate reaction and treatment is what really is “un-American.”  America used to be known as the melting pot and used to brag about the massive Ellis Island immigration traffic it would bring in. Now it is clear that immigrants are viewed with mistreatment and disdain. If the recent immigration issues haven’t been enough against the Hispanic population, now the attack against Indian-Americans not being considered “American” should prove it further. America’s foundation was created by immigrants and can only continue to grow and prosper through them.

During last weekend’s visit, Miss Condoleezza Rice said, “America is an experiment. Unlike every other nation, America is not united by race, ethnicity, skin color, or religion. America is united by a single idea of a united front of democracy and we should be proud of that.” With that in mind, Nina Davuluri is a complete representation of what America is today. She is a healthy and determined scholar, born and raised in the U.S., who hopes to become a physician with avid interest in helping with sick children, and charities for autism. Her Indian descent is but a mere reflection of America’s immigrant foundation, not something to hate her for. Just her presence on that stage with everything she has done displays more active citizenship than any of those other American citizens who took their time and energy to sit and Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube their animosity and negativity.

Miss New York Nina Davuluri is more than deserving of the title Miss America 2014 and deserves to be treated with the respect that title warrants.


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